Weird, veiny, plasticky sexualized illustration

Mirko Ilic's illustrations on Behance are like weirdly smoothed over, plastinated Giger, explicitly sexualized without being sexual per se. They're weird, veiny and gooey, and I like 'em.

Sex and Lies Part I (via JWZ)


  1. No offense to the artist’s creativity, but these look like they were rendered with 3D software circa 1996.

    1. yeah, those chains remind me of something you’d see on a geocities homepage or something.

  2. See, that showed up in my RSS feed at the office and I wouldn’t quite call it SFW. Can you guys like… put the pics after a jump link and warn folks or something? And before you bust my balls for web surfing at the office, everyone needs breaks.

    1. So, a fleshy, veined texture alone is NSFW? Or is it the addition of chains that makes it so?

    2. Yeah I question whether or not my office would call that SFW or not. I actually went to the page and did a quick scroll through. From 5 feet away it’d be questionable enough I will check it out in more detail at home. Its kind of a neat idea though because its like abstract sexualism.

  3. The textures and cues are NSFW, although the actual content is not a problem. Dog toy indeed!

    The mandatory sexual harassment class at the office informed me that it’s best to keep it rated G at work. This probably isn’t G, since you’d have a hard time explaining it to a 6 year old kid.

    1. I’d explain that somebody locked up their liverwurst so it wouldn’t get stolen. I think a six-year-old would not only understand it, but they’d sympathize. Veins? Those are wrinkles where the chains were applied too tightly. As for why they felt the need to chain it up so securely, well, that’s because it’s the best of the wurst.

  4. Oh, goody a submarine sandwich in bondage. Is this a new fetish? I guess it saves time, have lunch and some bondage as well. Just whip them turkey slices, cheese and tomatoes into submission! Hold the mayo!

  5. This looks like fetish artwork, complete with fetish art’s tendency to use terrible 3D software and/or just being bad period. If this is awesome because of how unusual it is to sexualize what is not sexual, I have some bad news for you guys…

  6. Looks like concept art for the next Silent Hill installment.

    SH art generally invokes sexual anxiety / fear without any explicit imagery. Although these don’t have quite the same effect . . . just sort of a bunch of curiosities.

  7. They could be illustrations from a reproductive biology book by (or for) extraterrestrials.

  8. “Like” is such a strong word. “Yuck” and “easy stomach” work better for me.

  9. Not 3D software c. 1996.

    Just lazy, shoddy, unskilled 3D with current tools.

    The bump map on the fleshy thing, the way it not only pixelates from inadequate resolution, but appears at three different scales on the same object due to terrible mapping, is especially bad.

  10. oh for goodness sake you geeks, it’s good BECAUSE its cheap 3dStudio circa 1987. Go on then, do the same with full radiosity and a week’s work on Mudbox

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