Worst PowerPoint slides

The winners of InFocus's Worst PPT Slide Contest are astonishing examples of unintentional obfuscation, baffling bullshit and design nightmares.

Worst PPT Slide Contest Winners (via Neatorama)

(Image: via @pinwale)


  1. Haven’t read the article yet, but for some reason, I find this first slide to be very appealing. It made me grin.

  2. – The winner, the IT roadmap, really wouldn’t be that bad as a handout.

    – That rabbit slide looks to me like it was invented for the contest. The “Weird assets” graph is just too satirical.

    – The slide on the bottom of the context page with all the cheesy character assets is brutally bad. I can picture the person adding each one of those words and carefully picking fonts. I can also picture the poor person in the presentation who is so depressed by the slide that they just have to get a photo of it.

    1. Yeah, the rabbit slide is probably bogus. Some of the others, like the big-block-o-text slides, are simply lazy and/or sloppy work. The awesome thing about that IT slide is that someone obviously put a huge amount of work into doing it.

  3. Wow. . .those hurt my eyes.

    But you can’t tell me the one with the rabbit and the hot dog is ‘unintentional’

    Funny, yes. . .but bad on purpose. Some of those others: what were they thinking?

  4. Hmmm… I kinda like the bunny on the slide. I might have to start sneaking that into work presentations (my employer has a very good sense of humor). In the Stewie Griffin mode of flight controls – ‘And the bunny is just a bunny. Enjoy!’.

  5. Does anybody have a link to the very earliest powerpoint color templates? I am googling and coming up short. I want a picture of that old “fireball” original color slide template.


  6. These “worst” of PowerPoint seem entirely average. Either the search for badness wasn’t broad enough, or PowerPoint lends itself to mediocrity. I suspect a bit of both.

  7. Let us not forget to mention that any power point presentation is not worthy unless one uses as many different transition styles between slides, hell, if the’re there, use em!

    I are graphic designer.

  8. This is a really weird contest if you think about it… it’s run by InFocus, who make projectors. Who was their target audience? I mean, who visits the InFocus website, or gets their newsletter, often enough to catch wind of such a contest? So there’s some specific self-selection there.

    So, they clearly didn’t get very many entries – as others have noted some of these are just mediocre and not particularly interesting. And at least one of them – the one at the end – is a photo that’s circulated across the internet previously (a few months ago as I recall), and I’m guessing the person who submitted it here is not actually the person who took the photo, they just grabbed it off some other website.

    The prize was InFocus projectors, which is a pretty good prize, and considering the small audience there was considerable incentive to just rip off the photo and send it in on a lark.

    Finally, yeah, the rabbit and hot dog one is obviously fake. The funny thing about that, though, is that it’s actually the best slide on there – it keeps its information to a minimum and the graphics are clear and readable. This slide would be perfectly fine (though certainly not outstanding) for most presentation needs – just replace the rabbit and hot dog with appropriate graphics for whatever the presentation is about, or take them out altogether (or leave them in if your audience has a sense of humor).

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