Gummi Bearskin rug


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  1. irksome says:

    Somehow, the whole sex-on-a bearskin-rug-in-front-of-a-roaring-fire thing has suddenly lost all its allure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Definitely an atheist, but this is the type of photo that makes me say omg.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Boingboing,

    Your pictures are coyrighted on FlickR. No creative commons ?


  4. tcforest says:

    “The owner has disabled downloading of their photos ”

    What’s the point? Don’t they know how easy this is to circumvent?

  5. J.L.H says:

    Reminds me the great food art by Christopher Boffoli:

  6. Marshall says:

    Reminds me of a piece by Yaya Chou that I showed a few years ago. She did a whole series of sculptures out of Gummi bears.

    For some reason the big fake nails on it still kind of creep me out.

  7. jpgsawyer says:

    Is this what you call Bear aux Van!

  8. mark zero says:

    I want to go to a gallery exhibition party for this person.

    Even if the art gets boring, the snacks will be awesome.

  9. MacBookHeir says:

    Sure this isn’t just Gummi road kill?

  10. jaytkay says:

    ZOMG that made my day LOL. I doff my hat to thee, Brock Davis!

  11. Snig says:

    Oh the ursinity!

  12. Baldhead says:

    i want there to be a full sized version of this. use the same material they put in wrist rests on mouse pads

  13. chgoliz says:

    My memes are getting mixed up. I can’t help but think this bear rug needs a baby jockey, ala Cake Wrecks.

  14. bklynchris says:

    This is excellent. His website has even more amazing work. This guy’s work is soooo good, itz like free sex worthy, like a rock star!

    The lazy lined paper piece is pretty trippy.

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