Meat purse

neatu.jpeg I'm pretty sure this pic doing the rounds is old, but I haven't been able to figure out the original source through the usual chanels. From Design Boom via JWalk.


  1. Whatever happened to L. Gaga’s meat dress anyway? I mean did anyone fry it up and eat it, or was it just left to rot out back of McDonald’s or something?

  2. I really don’t get this? why would the skin of an animal be any different then the meat itself? we think nothing of a leather purse over the arm on just about any woman on the planet… why would a “meat” one be any more out (or less) of place?

  3. Almost al purses are meat, the distinction between edible and weareble is only made by the people who is not disgusted by the fact of using corpses.

  4. You are hereby forewarned not to make me hold said meat purse as you take any action such as going into the dressing room, riding the mechanical horse in front of the supermarket, etc.

    I like to snack and I WILL eat it.

  5. Nancy Wu’s website seems to be gone, even the wayback machine let me down.

    More of her work here –

    and here –

    I liked the explanation of the Nike project with divided by unpredictability.

    In the future when confronted with an image you can not link, might I suggest the TinEye search engine.

  6. The leather tanning process is very different (and chemically intensive) than the meat curing process. So there is a significant difference.

  7. If you did that on purpose, it’s pretty funny. If it was unintentional… Genius!

  8. Mmmm, Meat Purse… I think there are only two memes to top this, this week: Bacon Purse, and one made from the mummified flesh of Zombie Coco Chanel herself.

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