SunX Sunscreen Towelettes

SunX.jpegI have 4 kids and we are outdoors as much as possible. One down side is my blonde kids can easily get too much sun. I have tried almost every sunscreen out there and these sunscreen towelettes are the best. They come in a "baby-wipe" style of dispenser, or as individually wrapped foil packets. Each towelette has enough sunscreen to cover a person from head to toe. The kids no longer complain about it in their eyes or how cold the aerosol cans are. I also like it because it is fast to apply and easy to carry with us. It's also easy to keep the pack in our car just in case. --Scott Newton SunX Sunscreen Towelettes SPF 30 25 individually wrapped towelettes $13 [Note: I just discovered these a few weeks ago and agree that they make the normally greasy act of applying sunscreen far more pleasant. It's also easy to throw a wrapped towelette in your bag if you don't want to carry around a leaky bottle of sunscreen. -- OH] Some commenters have pointed out that you can find this in a case of 16 in a wet wipe container, but there doesn't appear to be an affordable retailer online. Don't forget to submit a tool!