Ultimate troll smackdown: KKK vs. Westboro Baptist at Arlington National Cemetery


Members of the Westboro Baptist Church today "were met with an unlikely group of counter-protesters Monday at Arlington Cemetery"—the KKK. Problem solved for media unsure of whether to give more attention to racists or homophobes.

Not that the presence of either group is new. File photo above, via Reuters: Westboro Baptist Church trolls holding anti-gay signs at Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010.

God hates faps.


    1. Aren’t those Tim Curry’s horns from Legend? Not cool, WBC. Get your own damned horns.*

      * See what I did there?

      1. No. Timmys where curved forward, much bigger and black.
        Still i wonder , would’t it be better for them to make just one big “god hates everything” sign ? It would at last safe some trees … or does god hate trees too ?

      2. Little known fact: The horns sported by Mr. Curry were designed by Patrick Gracewood (a friend). He is a greatly talented sculptor who, aside from his Hollywood endeavors, now operates Gracewoodstudio.com and he sculpts water now (among other things) instead of horns. He’s not affiliated with either of these groups (nor Obama), but his website is worth the look.

  1. They never fail to entertain with their hypocrisy and ignorance.

    Particularly amusing in its irony is that guy on the right, citing the very scripture that promises hypocrites (and “false prophets”) such as these are beasts and will be destroyed (and no, that passage says nothing whatsoever about sexuality, never mind homosexuality).

    I wonder if these people will ever bother to actually read the Bible that they are quoting.

  2. Why do so many of these so called Christians keep forgetting the content of the Matthew book? Lets totally skip the parts where Jesus tells us don’t be assholes.

  3. Try as I may, I can’t quite wrap my brain around the WBC. The church’s stated intent is to drive Americans away from God, which is kind of like a supermarket urging its customers to grow their own food.

  4. Are these people willing to fight for what they believe in? Because I’m ready to go toe to toe with any of them, and I’m a scrawny 140 lbs.

    1. “Pastor” Fred Phelps is a disbarred attorney who made a lot of money off civil rights cases, and the business model for the WBC is to provoke people into violating church members’ rights so that they can sue for monetary damages. The worst possible thing we could do to them is ignore them (and I really, really wish we would).

  5. I understand you can get carried away with your slogans such that only you understand the context, but surely GOD HATES YOU is a little vague, surely you have to explain why?

      1. So. . . it’s like one of those anti-tailgating bumper stickers?

        If you can read this sign, GOD HATES YOU!

        1. God hates literacy!

          So THAT’s what they’ve been going on about. Thanks for clearing that up.

          1. Under the circumstances, I’m certainly prepared to believe that the WBC god opposes literacy. He seems to like his followers to be as ignorant and close-minded as possible.

  6. I love the Westboro Baptists. I have no idea what their true motivations are, whether they’re against gay rights, secretly for gay rights, or if it’s just some kind of money-making scheme.

    But whatever their intentions have been, the results are usually positive towards gay rights. In the past, too many haters have tried to use a soft sell and diversions while they drum up hatred against gays, but the Westboro Baptists keep the hate all out in the open where everyone can see how ugly it is.

    I don’t know why you’re doing it, but keep up the good work.

  7. Westboro’s true aspirations is to make money via court cases and court challenges to their “free speech”

  8. yes yes yes to everyone who mentioned this is a scam. can we all agree to put that in front of their name whenever we talk about them?

    instead of “westboro church picketed…” ALWAYS say “known lawsuit scammers westboro ‘church’ picketed…”

    1. Amen to that, naturegrrl. Too many people (teapot, for example) still don’t understand that income from lawsuits supports Phelps and his brood and funds their busy travel schedule.

    2. You hit the nail on the head. Everyone needs to stop referring them as a church. We all know what “Westboro” refers to. Instead of Westboro Church it should always be Westboro Lawsuit Scam/Westboro Lawsuit Scammers.

  9. Don’t forget who are the real villains here. Bad as WBC are they’ve never lynched anybody.

  10. I think we all know they are just trolling the first amendment in peoples faces and then settling the civil rights cases they file for filthy filthy cash.
    KKK have at em.

    What I want to know is when do I get my kickass Jew horns and why does Obama have them? My mother in law went to school in Oregon in the early 60’s, one night she woke up to find her roommate and a friend poking through her hair looking for the Jew horns. Can’t we start an Internet meme on the Jew horn thing.

  11. “I think they’re twisted and confused, and we’re just here to show them there are people who think they’re completely wrong,” Elias said.

    Talk about irony…

  12. All we need to do is lure both groups in to gentle and quiet dance and then inform the park service.

  13. Who are these people, and what kind of jobs do they hold? They have to come home to someone and interact with the community they live in on some level.

    1. The Westboro folks don’t hold down jobs, apparently. They live off their settlem- er, I mean donations. They’re also “family-centred” – the members come home to a house full of similarly-minded people.

  14. Whenever I see one of the “GOD HATES XXXX” signs, I just mentally replace “GOD” with “FRED”. FTFY!

  15. If it is legal for the KKK and WBC to demonstrate at a funeral at Arlington with an obvious message of hate, then it should be legal for people to silly dance at the Jefferson Memorial.

  16. I wonder if they know that Moses (and almost every other biblical patriarch) is frequently portrayed with horns?

    Horns = Wisdom in ancient Judao-Abrahamic religions (erm, such as Christianity). Its the reason the “devil” also has them. He’s infinitely clever and wise, because he’s an ex-archangel. Y’see?

    Alexander the Great is also portrayed thusly.

  17. God hates *everyone*; anyone who worships him/her/it has to be a masochist. At least the devil has good taste in music!

  18. Dammit. I came here expecting to see a story about the WBC freaks being set on fire or hanged, or having something equally final done to them by the KKK. But NOOOOOOoooo… The KKK attacks them with harsh language. *sigh*

  19. Wow, did I actually just think, “I’m glad the KKK did that”?

    But I did think that, because of how much I wish WBC wold just shut up and have a shred of human decency about them.

  20. God hates faqs. I mean who doesn’t? No one has time to read those things!

    “This is like the Alien versus Predator of social justice.”

    KKK Predator is dangerous and evil, but lives by a code. WBC Alien is dangerous and evil, but of alien mentality, with acid for blood: attack them at your own peril!

    If you weren’t looking at the KKK as Americans through the lens of American history, but thought of them instead as third world ethnic nationalists of extreme tendencies, then they don’t look so unusual. Lynching and inter-communal violence are still quite common in the third world, and if you think of the KKK as a legacy of that sort of problem, then the KKK is certainly regrettable but not unusual.

    WBC, on the other hand, is just weird. There’s no other group quite like them. Yes religious extremists are everywhere, but they either have the power to actually commit violence against their opponents, or they are tactically smart enough to moderate their language and play politics, or they do both. WBC does neither: it’s like a kind of legalistic troll. So, they are weird in that Alien sort of way whereas non-WBC Predators have motives which we find a bit more easy to scrutinize.

    Ok, I’m straining the analogy here but you get, I hope, my drift.

    “Don’t forget who are the real villains here. Bad as WBC are they’ve never lynched anybody.”

    That’s not really the point. None of the current KKK organizations have lynched anybody, either. Previous incarnations of the KKK have, but so have other groups/mobs/communities not affiliated with the KKK, in the USA, over the 19th/20th centuries. The current KKK groups are tiny pitiful social clubs for very poor whites, heavily infiltrated by informers. Everyone talks about “the KKK” but there is no such thing and there hasn’t been since the 1920s/30s. The KKK groups of the 1950s/60s committed violent acts as tiny terrorist groups, very different from the mass organized KKK of Reconstruction or of the early 20th century, and very different from the fringe KKK groups of today who are powerless to do anything. Just because it bears the label “KKK” does not mean it is all one and the same. It’s a bit like Al Qaeda – something that is more real as a label or brand name than a real, continuous, single organization.

    By the same token, just because the WBC hasn’t killed anyone doesn’t exactly get them off the hook, either, because their language clearly indicates that they believe in killing “fags”, homosexuals and other people they disapprove of, though of course they keep on the side of legality by citing “God” as the one who will punish sinners. They are provocative while being careful not to legally threaten anyone. But their intent is clear, and plenty of homosexuals have been legally executed – not lynched, mind you, but legally executed as criminals – over the centuries. It really wasn’t that long ago, not much more than a century and a half or so, that homosexual acts were punished with death sentences in many Western nations. And still are punished with death today in some countries. Since they clearly want to reintroduce the death penalty for homosexuality, I don’t see how that lets them off the hook, or makes them any less culpable, unless you think that “legality” is the most important measure here. In which case, the WBC is indeed all about “legality” and the KKK hasn’t been. That’s not really a very useful distinction in my opinion.

    Restricting our judgement to simply what these KKK people and the WBC people said at this event, the KKK, regardless of their odious nature, in objecting to soldiers funerals being picketed by the WBC, are much less odious in this particular incident than the WBC is. No one lynched or executed anyone here; one group picketed soldiers funerals with offensive signs, the other group objected to this. If this group wasn’t a (not “the”) KKK group, no one would pay any attention to this story at all. Meaning, taking the act by itself (ie paying no mind to who performed said act), objecting to the WBC’s actions is a better act than the WBC’s actions are. Admitting this does not change our opinions about the KKK in all other contexts, which obviously remains entirely negative.

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