Baaa: experiments in ovine geometry

Cyriak Harris, one of my favorite animators, has a new one out. It's called Baaa and is about multiplying, mutant sheep. [Cyriak via Laughing Squid]


  1. it’s good to see his work getting more poetic. great video! and… the music! i’m stunned.


  2. I think I saw some things during that video that had previously only been mentioned in ‘The Call of C’thulhu’ and ‘At the Mountains of Madness’…

  3. We’re gonna need a bigger pair of Wellies.

    Also, wouldn’t St. James Infirmary Blues be more appropriate?

  4. Cyriak is just the kind of guy who can’t play with LEGOs unless you give him a blow torch.

    It was great to see his stuff on Adult Swim. The guy deserves every bit of success he gets and more. :D

  5. Well, that was… non-Euclidean. I was kinda hoping to see a poptart and a rainbow, though.

  6. It is an impressive advertisement, but I must caution anyone against buying livestock from Cyriak. I tried raising some of his cows & cows & cows. Long before you get them to market, you’ll wreck yourself installing all the electric fence necessary to keep them contained.

  7. Great animation! Also a great analogy to how I’m feeling about social media these days… all of it.

  8. Woohoo! At least, we are leaving the age of spherical bovines behind!
    I, for one, welcome our fractal ovine overlords.

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