Outside Aperture: fan made epilogue to Portal

"Outside Aperture," an eight-minute fan-made epilogue to the wonderful game Portal, created by EisenFeuer. It's pretty adorable, and there's cake.

Outside Aperture FAQ May 31st, 2011 (Thanks, Politeruin!)


    1. Agreed, JArmstrong! That was the same point where I thought “Of course!” Well done.

  1. Funny:
    “It was all made possible because Valve Software makes the best games in the history of the universe.”

    Translating: – Please, don’t sue me!…

    1. They won’t, valve love and encourage fan made stuff like this. I know i know… not a lawsuit or DMCA takedown notice in sight, hard to believe.

      Would’ve liked to seen more during testing, that looked extremely well done. They had me at the companion cube incineration.

  2. Post-Aperture Stress Disorder. Inspired. (Yep, the backscratching clinches it… but they had me sold when she throws the rubbish in the bin.)

  3. I loved the backscratching part, too… There are always helpful, unintended uses with any new technology.

    And Chell looked like she was going to throw herself into the incinerator after the Companion Cube. Not my Chell – she burned that blocky bugger without a second thought.

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