The real George Lucas has been imprisoned for 20 years while an impostor ran amok, making prequels

Here's a funny trailer for "George Lucas Strikes Back," a notional movie that supposes that George Lucas has been imprisoned for 20 years while a doppelganger cavorted around the Skywalker Ranch, making Star Wars prequels and Indiana Jones sequels. Finally, the real George escapes, and gathers an elite force and sets out to take back his identity.

George Lucas Strikes Back {HD Trailer} (via Neatorama)


  1. Old Boy? No one’s going to saying anything about Old Boy? Aping badass Korean mise en scene (this isn’t homage, it’s a goddamn palette swap) while cracking creaking Lucas-centric jokes that wore out their welcomes on t-shirts five years ago…. sigh. This is what happens to George Lucas in Love when the Internet becomes involved.

    I knock these things down to build myself up, incidentally.

  2. I remember when Star Wars first came out, Lucas said he would produce a new episode every 3 years for a total of 8 more. The last episode, #9 should have been finished 10 years ago. What happened George?

  3. lots of references to other films…which kinda works in this case. the oldboy shots were a little too obvious though. could have done without the shoddy latex masks; especially for chewy.

    1. Seriously? A technical critique of a zero budget joke trailer with a better concept than most full length movies?

      I think I’ll give a somewhat different rating:
      seriously awesome

    2. The Oldboy scene is only obvious if you’ve seen Oldboy… which most people haven’t. And why exactly does a reference being “obvious” make it bad? It was an effective bad-ass fighting scene to use, and it’s a bonus joke for those who’ve seen Oldboy.

      I agree with arikol:
      this is seriously awesome

      The latex masks and other low-budget stuff work here, and work well. Obviously deliberate and not just budgetary.

    3. Oh and in case you missed it, the entire premise is taken from the premise of Oldboy, so it’s entirely appropriate to have a few specific scenes referenced :)

    4. I thought the same about Chewy’s mask. You can get a nice one easy from Spirt Warehouse and then I thought gee… what was their budget for this film?

      Its an excellent piece of work IMHO! I can just imagine writing and storyboarding this thing was alot of fun.

      I wonder 25 to 50k or less to do this piece?

  4. Too good to be true. Unfortunately Mr. Lucas was right there with the rest of them with a face full of cocaine and back door hookers.

  5. Story gets an A, execution gets a C- (graded on an indie curve), averages out to B+. Hope Comedy Central or someone options this and puts some real money into a new version.

  6. Slick Gigolo used to make terrific notional trailers, but their recent work is just milking the past.

  7. Words cannot express how magnificent both the Concept and Execution are here.

    I think you could easily expand this into a 30min featurette.

    And I’d certainly pay cold cash to see it.

  8. Watched the clip while listening to the second myspace track of above-mentioned DEMDIKE STARE. Worked great.

  9. I totally agree with thekinginyellow’s criticism of the latex mask. Sure, this is a zero-budget joke trailer… but if one is going to bother casting a decent Carrie Fisher lookalike, why not go the extra mile and get a more plausible mask for Chewbacca?

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