[Video Link]. "To compete and show their best". With auto-tune.

(thanks, @kyall)


    1. “This is what happens when you only have 30 seconds of B-roll.”

      YES! If I could take a perpetual flying expedition or go skiing and never reach the bottom of the mountain, I’d be all over it like white on rice.

      Of course, I’d regret never getting to take a potty break.

  1. I always knew Vancouver was calling my name to visit. Never knew it would sound like this.

  2. That’s craptacular!
    Why do I get the feeling that some city commissioner, chamber of commerce dude or travel bureau dude picked her up from a cocktail lounge one night and promised her a job?
    It’s doubly funny for me, as I live in the OTHER Vancouver, a city in Washington that suffers from second city status with Portland OR just across the river and the burn of sharing the name with the much cooler city to the North. It’s assured that one someone on the West coast mentions something cool happening in Vancouver, they’re referring to something in Vancouver B. C.

    But I can imagine one of Vancouver, WA’s aging and reptilian city management/commerce people putting out something as repugnant as this to drum up some ‘classy’ culture.

    1. that’s soo funny. It’s just like the British to found and name a place then get moved a few hundred miles north and use the same name.

  3. If you google “vancouver songs” you will find dozens of videos just like this one – it is a truly amazing city which deeply inspires!

  4. Actually, it’s not all that bad, given the obvious shoestring budget, and the enthusiasm is palpable.

  5. If BB is going to start spending its time being mean by laughing at people on YT that genuinely mean well then not only will you guys have enough ammunition to last several lifetimes but also I think the blog dies a little inside…

      1. Damn you. Now I’m going to be singing that thing all day and making arm movements like I’m demonstrating escape routes from an airplane.

        1. “Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! My work here is done!” as I twist my heavily waxed moustache.

  6. Haters gonna hate.

    I think she’s lovely. I’d hang with her for a long weekend and let her show me her beautiful city. Not a kid but not letting life pass her by, my kind of gal.
    I guess she’s not young/cute/hip/trendy/steampunk/techie enough for BB.

  7. I can’t deny that it’s a catchy tune. I can easily imagine the Fifth Dimension singing it.

    1. I quite agree; there’s real songcraft here. Maybe Petula Clark instead of the Fifth Dimension, or even Sandie Shaw.

  8. This is pretty normal behavior after a winter in Vancouver (or a summer in Winnipeg)

  9. This poor woman now to forever remembered as the weird and awesomely bad Vangcougar. I hope she has a sense of humor.

  10. Oh, and speaking of songs about Canada by people with songwriting chops but who lack a certain Top 40 polish, there’s also BJ Snowden.

  11. Well, I gotta say it knocks “San Diego (You’re My Home), Everybody (Yeah-Yeah)” into a cocked hat.

    Now there’s a Tumblr whose time has come: a collection of earnest-but-snickerworthy musical love letters to hometowns that aren’t NYC or LA. Or New Orleans.

    “Comin’ Home to Klamath Falls,” anyone?

  12. anon – are you deaf there is clearly auto-tune and no reverb….do you even know what that is?

  13. I live in Vancouver. It’s a great place. This video must be treated like a hostage crisis: negotiate with her for its destruction, and negotiate so that she doesn’t create a new one each week!

  14. Please don’t send her to Cape Breton. She would scare away the tourists. Tourism is all we got left. lol

  15. I love it! I am from Cape Breton, now living in Vancouver, and I think I love it here almost as much as she does :D

  16. There’s a certain type of Canadian sincerity and earnestness that’s only a step or two away from full-blown psychosis. It is both charming and terrifying.

  17. Nobody has mentioned it yet, but don’t you think she is almost done with growing up by now?

    The dream? Fulfilled when she made it to Boing Boing via her singing and dancing abilities.

  18. This woman is NOT from Vancouver, obvious from her accent. She is however, completely adorable in a happy puppy sort of way. She’s also probably never had so much clean air in her life, and may be high from that, and BC’s biggest export ;)

    1. @Natalie Lapointe (#53), you’d be amazed at the variety of accents in a modern multicultural city like Vancouver. English, Canadian, American, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish. Yes, actually from Vancouver. Let me know if you ever get confused by the colour thing, too, ’cause that’s a whole other hornets’ nest right there…

  19. Hate is boring. If Vancouver makes you that happy, I really have to go there.

  20. I was planning on going there this summer. Now I’m less sure.

    But this has nothing, nothing I say, on “The Lake County Experience,” a radio commercial from the 80s that I’d pay money to hear again.

  21. Seeing this video I can understand there might be some genuine self-fulfillment in being an effective doorman at a trendy club. Woa, that I am not that “doorman” to have had the chance to prevent this videos release or that adept at logic to be able to philosophically justify community standards of inclusion, not only in terms of sanity/criminality/habitation as I generally try to do, but also in terms of ideas.

  22. Word is that she was going to make an appearance at the Biltmore’s karaoke night (in Vancouver), people were very excited. I don’t know if she showed.

  23. Wow, there are lots of mean-spirited hater comments in the comment stream. And that brings back some uncomfortable memories. Whatever one might think of the aesthetics of an enthusiastic amateur video artist singing in slightly Slavic-accented English, the posters appear to be missing a couple of points: (1) No-one required them to watch this video, right? (2) There is no harm in a video of this nature. (3) The woman in the video will very likely read the extensive collection of mean-spirited comments, and she’s going to feel humiliated and hurt.

    Since I imagine all three of these points are completely obvious, even to people of shallow affect, I must assume that the various jerks who’ve been posting mean-spirited disses are out to deliberately humiliate the singer. They would presumably never do this to the woman’s face, but with cheerful malignity are happy to do so from online anonymity. Which is pretty much how I experienced Vancouver when I lived there for all too many years: Scads of plastic people who would smile and say “Hi, how are ya!” to your face, then shred you behind your back. Vancouver is full of fake-nice people who are actually mean-spirited, cold, back-biting, nasty gossips. It’s part of the culture. There’s very little genuine warmth. My only regret is that I didn’t leave Plastic City a decade or more before I finally smartened up. Like the singer, I was trapped by the sheer prettiness of the place itself, and took too long to recognise that it wasn’t worth it, given the essential coldness of the British-Empire-descended society that has grown up along those North Pacific shores.

  24. Vancouver, BC is where panhandlers walk up to within 10 inches of your face and demand money from you. It’s where panhandlers chase after you after dark, yelling at you about how they need money and will not stop chasing you until you hand them money. Panhandlers from all over Canada have migrated to Vancouver for the mild climate and the political atmosphere that is afraid to do anything about their aggressive tactics except pass a weak ordinance that rarely gets enforced anyway. When it’s just you and the man with the unkempt facial hair, tattered clothes and crazy eyes shouting at you and you give him money because you’re afraid he’ll stab you with a knife if you don’t, that’s Vancouver.

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