Which credit card companies will let you buy marijuana?


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  1. starbreiz says:

    I use my Visa to buy medical cannabis all the time. I had no idea there were restrictions, like AmEx! Sadly, when my dispensary got raided on bogus charges, they seized the credit card machine, and now they’re cash only. And of course their website doesn’t say this, and the in-house ATM charges major fees :(

  2. Major Variola (ret) says:

    In SoCal, I used a credit card many times and preferred dispensaries that accepted them. In fact, one dispensary gave a
    discount for using plastic.

    Bonus for me, I get “points”.

    @lknope BTW most people in Cali don’t have the
    state card, why register yourself and pay
    more? The MD recommendation suffices.

    And yes, as a paranoid cypherpunk, I’m aware that everything is vacuumed up.

  3. Gulliver says:

    A major credit card company concerned about following federal regulations? That’s rich!

  4. wheezer says:

    On the other hand, most higher-end prostitutes (think eros-*.com) in the states do accept any major credit card, including Amex.

  5. turn_self_off says:

    All this hoopla over a weed…

  6. DaveP says:

    i would have been interested in more exploration of the amex decision to disallow purchas based on fed policy. i assume they’re trying to limit their exposure in some way?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m really not all that much of a libertarian, because most of the time, I consider such positions to be unnecessary panic.

    I’ll never have a need for medical marijuana, and I’ve really hated Wikileaks from the start, but the fact that these companies can decide what I do with *my* money really fucking irks me, and makes me hope for the success of Bitcoin.

  8. Ipo says:

    Silly, everybody knows that credit cards are for cocaine, not hemp blossoms.

  9. xtophr says:

    Of course, buying weed with a credit card creates an audit trail for the Feds to use against you in court, so you might want to stick with cash.

    • lknope says:

      Most states where weed is legal require you to have a medical marijuana id card, so you can be traced that way anyway.

  10. zyodei says:

    This suggests the related question, “which credit card companies will let you buy alcohol?”

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