World's smallest Klein bottle

This Klein bottle on Etsy measures just one and a quarter inches tall! I don't know if it's actually the world's smallest, but it's believable and it's totally adorable, AND it comes in its own little gift wrapped package.

World's smallest Klein bottle at Etsy

Thanks Dannel!
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  1. “AND it comes in its own little gift wrapped package”
    Every time I try to wrap one of those things the wrapping ends up inside the bottle

  2. Cute but there’s a problem. Real-life Klein bottles are uninteresting, because real-life regular bottles are one sided as well. Just look at a beer bottle. You can trace a line from the inside to the outside without crossing an edge or lifting your finger from the surface. Klein bottles are only different in the abstract mathematical world, where idealized beer bottles have a hard mathematical edge.

  3. It’s actually a three dimensional projection of a Klein bottle. (I think you need four spatial dimensions to hold a real Klein bottle.)

  4. Not even close to the smallest…

    This Klein bottle was made as a gift for me by a friend, a German trained glass-blower at a Canadian University.

    Done, by hand, by eye, the work of an amazing craftsman…

    (I apologize for the quality of the photos, my camera does not have a macro function, so I couldn’t get as close as I would have liked…)

  5. I made a rubber condom in the form of a Klein bottle once.
    It’s for people who are told to go fuck themselves.

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