Elaborate, pirate-themed movie theater

These renders show an under-construction pirate-themed theater that's insanely elaborate. It's being built in Palm Beach, FL: "The theater complex is completely indoors and consists of an Entrance Area/Ticketing Booth which opens to the Pirate Tavern/Lobby, which overlooks the unique screening room that is situated on the simulated deck of a Pirate ship."

Theater of the Month (via DVICE)


  1. Works well for “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Not so good for watching “Titanic.”

  2. I’m puzzled.

    The company appears to be in the business of setting up fancy home theater environments.

    There are less than twenty seats in the CGI’d rendering shown above.

    Is this going to be some kind of commercial venue? A rich guy’s indulgence? A private club area?

    1. Stefan…It’s a home theater in some rich guy’s residence. Or, at least, a mock-up of that. Ultra-custom home theaters are quite the thing for the wealthier-than-thou.

  3. I’m LOLing at the “Batcave” theater where stalactites block your view of the screen.

    If I had to guess I would say this is for some rich person’s house, though the description does make it sound like they’re pairing with actual non-home theaters so who knows? Here in LA there are a lot of private screening rooms with 20-40 seats for journalists, testing, etc.

    I would love for a large multiplex to have individually-themed theaters and live entertainment before the show. People sticking their heads out of windows and shit.

  4. I told those douchebag contractors not to post pictures before it was finished. Those seats are just place holders for the ninja zombie actors that hold your ashtray. Dammit! It was supposed to be a surprise, internet.

  5. With so few seats you’d think they could space them a little better… there is a slight incline so the rear seats can see over the heads right in front of them, but it seems like there would be enough room to stagger the seats so that you have a clear view between the two seats in front of you (in case there’s someone particularly tall).

    Also, the seats being far apart is fine for movie geeks and whoever else goes to see movies alone (I am a movie geek and see movies alone fairly frequently, don’t misunderstand me here), but it’s totally lame for dates.

    Chain theaters have figured out the date factor, and many (if not most) have arm rests that you can fold up so you have unrestricted access to your date. As an aside, this is even true in Thailand, where public display of affection is basically unheard of. And at some theaters in Thailand you can pay extra for the lover’s section, which is somewhat secluded pairs of seats in the back of the theater!

    There’s at least one small theater in LA (the Silent Movie Theater) that has leather loveseat sofas in the first couple of rows (and a bunch of regular theater seats in the back). That, or a lover’s section as in Thailand, should be the goal of specialty theater designers.

  6. There should be rules against being rich enough that buying one of these is a reasonable thing to consider. If I went to someone’s house and they had a monstrsosity like this theatre my initial question would be “..and how much did you give to charity this year?”.

  7. Sure, it *seems* cool, until you find out you have to keep rowing to power the projector.

    1. Maybe this is really just a leaked screenshot from an upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” video game.

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