Sissy's Magic Ponycorn Adventure: a five year old's wonderful Flash game

Nicholas sez, "5-year-old Cassie Creighton is the genius behind 'Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure', a Flash game that was the result of a weekend long game jam that she and her father Ryan Creighton, founder of Untold Entertainment, attended. Cassie drew all of the graphics herself, as well as creating voice-overs and background music with her 2-year-old sister. Her father Ryan took the work she had done, and turned it into a game that according to The Toronto Star has garnered over 150,000 plays in the past week. The game is free to play, but users who enjoy the game can make donations to Cassie's education fund using a link below the game."

(Thanks, Nicholas from Toronto!)


  1. “You’re bad because you’re a lemon!”

    (some time later)

    “Thats what you get for being bad and a lemon!”

    Unexpectedly adorable :-)

  2. This game has gotten some wonderfully positive blog posts since release – cool to see it getting some.

  3. Well, I just finished it and have to say I’m disappointed. The graphics suck and the FPS is way too choppy in places. There’s no first-person option. No online co-op. You can’t customize your avatar. You can’t even save your progress!

    It’s unbelievably short. I completed everything and got all achievements in under two hours. Hell, the first Portal takes me longer to speed run than this game. And there’s no replay value – once you’ve got all the ponycorns, you’re happy, right? No sense starting over with zero ponycorns.

    In the end, although there are some clever things in this game – like a twist at the end I won’t spoil here – I can’t recommend it. Try it for the novelty, but don’t expect a great gaming experience.

    Graphics: 3.5/10
    Sound: 5/10
    Replay Value: 2/10
    Overall Score: 4/10

  4. I played this when the link was posted by B3TA last Friday. For ponycorn’s sake, DO NOT play this game! Your very sanity is at stake.

  5. I have visions of a black limo pulling up to the curb and a guy saying to her out the window, “Kid, you’re gonna be a star!”

  6. Is there a walk through? I can’t get the last ponycorn – do I have to do something with the coconut?

  7. It is super-cute and delightful.

    Am I jerk if I’m the one who points out that clearly it was the dad who is the actual genius behind taking some cute kid drawings, voice clips, and inspired ideas, and actually forming them into something recognizable as a game?

  8. Will there be a sequel? I can see it now: Sissy’s Magic Ponycorn Adventure 2 – The Return of the Lemon

  9. check the sam cooke lyrics below the donate button:

    “Cassie can purchase:Some proper schooling, because she
    don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology
    don’t know much……”


      1. I noticed redesigned their site this past weekend. However, scanning through the site’s content via Firebug, there doesn’t seem to be anything that I can see that is unsafe or damaging.

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