Jenny Hart's embroidery artwork stolen from exhibition

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My supremely talented friend Jenny Hart had two pieces of her artwork stolen in Toronto. She says:

Two of my most recent works (St. John the Baptist andLou Reed as Christ) were stolen from The Drake Hotel in Toronto following the close of the exhibition Wrap Your Head Around This. Attempts to retrieve the works have been fruitless, so I am now posting about it. Please share this blog post to spread awareness that if these works surface, they were stolen.

The return of these works will be welcomed with no questions asked.

Works stolen From Toronto Exhibition


  1. I hope the word spreads: anyone getting these works as a “gift” (this has happened in previous exhibitions) should be aware that their friend is a thief.

    I suppose that it’s a compliment, in a weird sort of way!

  2. Stolen? “Removed a sacrilege” I think is the better guess. Some friend of christ came along and was offended and was forced to remove the art to protect their diety.

  3. I sincerely hope this isn’t more of that organized Christian (not sure how to further reduce their views to be more specific) movement to destroy artwork that is religious in nature.

  4. Ohhhsnap’s guess pretty much lines up with mine. I’d bet that some “offended Christian” took these and has already destroyed them.

    1. I agree that the fact that someone stole the hard work of an individual is detestable, but the Lou Reed comment was pretty damn funny. Let’s all keep an eye out for these so it gets back to its owner….but let us also not lose our sense of humor as blueelm seems to agree!

  5. Well, then again it may not be because of religious overtones…you never know. However, it’s an example that art theft is alive and well.

    As a painter, I get requests to hang my work in restaurants, but am still worried about doing it for this very reason. Being mechanically inclined, perhaps I should come up with some sort of bracket attachment that keeps the painting from just being lifted from the wall.

    Anyway, I hope Jenny either gets her artwork back or a money order in the mail!

  6. Of course, the big question is “Can these embroidered designs be replicated?”

    As a related bonus request, I’d like to ask that you embroider Lou Reed heading up the Last Supper, with the rest of the various members of the Velvet Underground (and David Bowie) as His Apostles. Maybe you could throw Laurie Anderson in there as Judas(?) – it might make a stunning embroidery piece. Hope you find your art soon!

  7. Thanks everyone for helping me feel better about this! It pretty much blows all the way around.

    @MacBookHeir Nice.
    @freshacconci Bwaha.
    @nate_freewhell Why yes! That was lovely to hear and did in fact make me feel better.

    Glad to have it on the record in case they “resurface”. Here’s hoping against hope…

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