Funny random tweets inserted into apt Peanuts panels

@PEANUTWEETER is a Tumblr blog that pairs individual frames from golden-age Peanuts strips with random, funny, out-of-context tweets. The results are surprisingly wonderful.

Peanutweeter (via Underwire)


    1. Oh, man, the 70’s. What were our parents thinking?

      My parents could easily have a strikingly similar photo of me squirreled away somewhere.

  1. Somewhere a parent is explaining to a child what “Peanuts” was. Then comes the explanation of ‘newspapers’.
    Then comes the wild guess as to why a dead guy’s strip still gets printed in the comics section.

    /yeah, it’s a cranky comment
    //would rather see new art & comedy, but that’s what the ‘net is for- even peanutweeter works here

  2. Brilliant, yes, truly “random”, I doubt it: most of the panels seem too perfectly fitted to the tweet.

    1. Right you are ill lich! From the site:

      @Peanutweeter matches kinda random Twitter posts with somewhat less than random Peanuts® comic strips by Charles Schulz.

  3. Those Iconix folks have no sense of humor. I’ve dealt with them, to nobody’s benefit. Oh well.

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