The World's Most Exclusive Website


BB collaborator Joe Sabia points us to, an art-prank of sorts built by Jeff Greenspan, Chris Baker with Michael Lacher of wonder-tonic. There is a surprise for all who opt in, a non-harmful one, but I won't spoil it here.


  1. It’s so exclusive that they even make you wait 20 seconds for the homepage to load.

  2. I quite like level 7. Level 10 was almost as disappointing as the website’s resistance to mucking around with the URL.

  3. It got stuck in a refresh loop while trying to redirect me to a slightly less discriminating destination.
    uh huh.

  4. Ok, got in using a different browser.
    It’s a restaurant.
    The surprise here is that this warrants a boingboing post.

    1. Yes, but don’t you just wonder just a bit if it redirects to other sites based on how many followers you’ve got on Twitter?

    2. It’s a restaurant.

      Um, a restaurant? You must not have passed muster. We’re all in there now have a pretty good laugh at your expense.

  5. CowTip: Change your web browser user agent so it says you are using an Apple Mac computer with Safari 5

    On top of having to have a good amount of twitter followers, you also have to use a Mac to get in. I tried this first on my GF’s Windows computer and ended up excluded. When I got home and tried again with my Mac, I got in after it checked my twitter status. I then tested on Windows and couldn’t get in until I changed the user agent to Mac with Safari 5.

    So you’ll either need a Macintosh computer or know how to change your user agent on your Windows browser. I haven’t tried this with Ubuntu yet.

  6. I wish I still had that youthful expectancy that would allow me to believe that behind every closed door was a life changing discovery. The only thing I discover these days is more sh*t to pile on the mound labelled human nature. How strange is this carnival of illusion.

  7. Reminds me of the old days of – shoosh – must’ve been 15 years ago…

  8. What confuses me about all this is how Olive Garden’s website can suck so hard, it is 2011, they have a huge budget, would it really be that hard to update it a bit?

  9. I’m not special enough, and I will be redirected to a less discerning location.

    That’s IT? I don’t get it.

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