Wah wah crybaby extortionists wah wah

The law firm behind a strange, extortionate gay-porn copyright shakedown is all sad about the coverage their weird scheme received on TorrentFreak, and they've made sure their judge knows it.


  1. Its nice that the IT Manager of Titan reads boingboing…
    its more troubling that he doesn’t understand edonkey is different than bittorrent.

    And while Titan might not be relabeling these files, they seem to have no issue with trying to collect money from people they catch.

    I wonder if he considered if Gill Sperlein has the time and staff to create these mislabeled files, when you consider he is the lawyer who is getting paid… one has to wonder.

    But all of the lawyers in the gay porn shakedown racket are A-Okay guys…

    Evan Stone – He didn’t fake a copyright application for a client or create subpoenas the court had denied him… er wait he did.

    Marc Randazza – Never says lovely things about the accused in public forums, he isn’t getting his IP address lists from a German firm known for creating honeypots, never tried to deny the terms of his clients website were changed to allow them to demand $25,000 if your account was hacked, and hes never offered a settlement to someone and after they signed said he never agreed to that amount and now you admitted guilt pay me this much… er wait… he did.

    IO Group is just the tip of the ice berg, but so few groups want to help in the gay porn cases. EFF is much to busy in other areas, and a majority of the lawyers “willing to help” are just out to get you a “better” settlement… for a fee. Or the new cottage industry of groups offering to get that better settlement for $350.

    And there is no way they are trying to get courts to make it even easier to extort money in this fashion by declaring if your wifi was open or hacked your at fault not the person who did the actual alleged filesharing… er wait… they are…

  2. It’s a tip of the iceberg, but it is freaking sharp one for us who are Sperlein victims, especially those who tried to download something different than his nauseous movies.


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