Hero of quadroplegic game controllers to retire, replacement needed


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  1. jennybean42 says:

    Is this something where parts of it could up uploaded to thingieverse so that they could be printed?

    Because the community could get right on that.

    • swishercutter says:

      Mostly, I would bet, the main parts are electronic. What this needs is an open source movement…I think most Makers are equipped and willing to do this. Just need to find a few people, like Ed, who are willing to do this for little to no profit.
      I am willing, my shop is mostly equipped and I live within 300 miles of Bozeman. Also, since I am starting a company selling Reprap parts I have a 3d printer if need be.

      Anyone else with me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like a job for an Arduino programmer, a SparkFun parts list, and a Maker-Bot 3D image. Am guessing with his knowledge, a small group of people could provide a complete working solution that anyone could assemble by just ordering the pieces and loading the program into the Arduino. Just a thought.

  3. Berk says:

    Agree, it’d be great to open source something like this.

    Certainly I’d have no issues with the electrical side of things, no space/money for 3d printing, but I’d guess the main bulk of the electrickey would just need a project box anyway.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not only does ben heck do such things, but the gaming community will provide — get penny arcade involved, or any major gaming website.

    There might be some well-meaning but poorly implemented false starts, but ultimately it will work out. (Mostly. I think. Hopefully.)

  5. krs says:

    QuadControl is Yankelevitz’s website.

  6. MauiMaker says:

    I dropped a note to Mr Yankelevitz on his web site recommending he create an Instructable (or equiv) on these controllers, along with a link to the Montana Ethical Hackers (http://www.mthackers.com/), the closest space listed. (Helena – he is in Bozeman, which is only a 2hr drive on the freeway.) Makerspaces would be a great place to pick up when he re-retires.

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