Sesame street aliens discover dubstep

The Sesame Street aliens are clearly the universal incarnate avatars of dubstep anyway, but jrbrewin dialed it up to 11. [Video Link via @ioerror & @theglitchmob]



    Pretty entertaining, but my favorite “unsuspecting rube discovers dubstep” video is still this one.

  2. This isn’t Dubstep! This is drum and bass, all be it in half time. It’s 174bpm or thereabouts by my calculations, dubstep is around the 140bpm mark. Pedantry over, carry on.

    1. This would be referred to as Drumstep, a genre that’s grown in between Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Basically a DnB tempo and pattern, but at half time so the break has a dubstep feel to it.

  3. They’re doing the cabbage patch with their mouths!

    That’s about how happy I am about the radio, too. I preferred the first station they were on, though.

  4. I’n my day we didn’t call it dubstep, we called it jungle/acid/trace and we had to walk up hill in the snow to get to the raves. Once we got there we didn’t have GHB all we had was amyl nitrite and WE LIKED IT!

    1. I wonder how long have you’ve been telling people that and posting it in YouTube comments.

    2. Everyone eventually gets old. Looks like you hit that point!

      I’m an old d&b / Jungle lover, went to a ton of raves back in the day (warehouse parties and outdoor parties and house parties and …) and I think dub step is awesome. It’s distinctly different from D&B to the same degree that D&B is different from Jungle, house, etc. An outgroup person can’t tell the difference but an ingroup person can.

      Seriously never thought I would read someone pining for the “good old days” of drum and bass. I guess it happens to every generation, though. Sigh.

    1. The aliens were two of my favorite characters.

      Them and the Count. The Count made Hunter S. Thompson look sober.

  5. Holy s***! Am I the only one who, within the first 5 seconds of this video, epiphanied that these aliens are none other than the FSM incarnate!?! Ever since I was 4 the FSM has been revealing himself to me, and it’s only now, uh…a moderate amount of years later, that I’m finally seeing him!


  6. From a strictly technical standpoint.. Dubstep is a Crunk beat (halftime hip hop, think Lil Jon) with Drum n Bass bassline cracking underneath. I don’t know why they put the Dub word in there since it’s not really echoey for the most part.

    1. @skeletoncityrepeater – dubstep is called dubstep because the original dubstep was heavily dub/reggae inspired, and had a 2-step beat to it. It grew out of UK grime – dark, electronic, industrial music made in inner-city london.

      Of course, it’s been transformed in to a world phenomenon in the past 10 years, and as it’s spread it’s form has changed too. Now-a-days it’s more akin to 2-step breakbeat with a drum and bass inspired wah-wah bassline. Faster variants of dubstep, called drum-step, exist with similar elements. Other than the speed differences it tends to be more heavy on the percussion.

      I made this video, and i’ve received a lot of youtube comments about how the music in this video is actually drumstep, not dubstep. Oddly, the tracks are indeed dubstep, just running a bit faster to be in time with the music in the original video.

  7. Anon, it’s “albeit.”

    Take heart. If you know you’re acting like a pedant, you’re already halfway to stopping yourself from committing more pedantry!

  8. These muppets would scare the crap out of me when I was 4.
    Maybe the sounds they make with the echo.

    40 years later they still give me willies.

    The only muppets I never liked!

  9. The original was so much better, accidental awesome minimalist techno on sesame street!

    (the end section)

    1. @#26

      Agreed. I thought it was a bit of techno send-up but then being made in 1975 it predates all that somewhat.

  10. I still want “brrrriiiing! telephone!” from these guys as a ringtone. I love the martians!

    1. @ Anon #12

      I still want “brrrriiiing! telephone!” from these guys as a ringtone. I love the martians!

      So make one. All you need is an open source download manager (Wikipedia has a nice spreadsheet with comparisons) with a built-in stream sniffer. Use it to grab this:

      Convert it to an MP3 using a video editor. I’m partial to this one:

      And make sure the final cut spans about 30 seconds for good ringtone length.

      Or, if you have a phone with flash capability, there are probably programs somewhere on the net that will let you use the video itself as the ringtone so it plays on the screen when you get a call. If not, you could write a simple script to get the job done provided the phone is already able to play flash videos, but that may be more effort than it’s worth.

  11. I thought the video was great, but surely I’m not the only one for whom dubstep (or whatever this music is supposed to be called) and similar doesn’t do anything for. I mean, I know what it’s like to be drunk in a club and not care how shitty the music actually is, but still enjoy it. But I’m having a hard time imagining that being drunk improves the enjoyment level this.

    Maybe you have to be high, instead, to enjoy this kind of stuff? But then, people listen to it sober too, so I don’t know.

    1. Maybe you have to be high, instead, to enjoy this kind of stuff? But then, people listen to it sober too, so I don’t know.

      Maybe they’re high on Charlie Sheen.

  12. Sesame Street aliens – cutest Eldritch Abominations ever. Now… with dubstep!


  13. this is drum and bass, not dubstep. This particular flavor of half time dnb has been coined Drumstep.

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