Hula-hooping from the hoop's point of view

Laura and Nick Saik, a brother and sister team in Alberta, attached a small, wide-angle camera to the inside of a hula-hoop and then recorded a hulaing session from the hoop's point of view. It's a great piece of video, in which Laura Saik comes across as a whirling dervish while the skybox reels overhead and around and around.

GO PRO ON HULA HOOP (via Kottke)


  1. I can’t wrap my head around how the camera is fixed and yet the world is spinning! The ship doesn’t move, rather, the universe moves around it.

  2. A perfect illustration of relativity, where a point on the hula hoop stays still and the universe moves around it. It all depends on your Point of View.

    Maybe the ancient philosophers were right and the world is the center of the universe which revolves around it. It just depends on your POV.

  3. here’s a video that makes more sense as “from the hula’s hoop’s perspective” and it was done a year earlier. It also shows a lot more hula hoop action, and the hooper is wearing a bikini. To me it’s a better vid in all respects.

  4. Except that it’s clearly on the outside of the hoop, or it would not have made it past the first rotation.

    Still, very cool POV shot.

    1. If it’s on the outside of the hula hoop, why do we see the human being who is being thrown around by the hula hoop? I’ll go with Cory’s explanation that it’s attached to the inside. It could either be inside the inside or outside the inside, but definitely on the inside.

      1. Follow the link at the end of the video to a second video done by the same people. You can clearly see where the camera is mounted – to the outside of the hula hoop.

        These videos are great, and I’m happy to see some creativity with these kinds of cameras. These kinds of effects are already overused in Hollywood, but they typically just do one of a couple different things – a camera mounted on someone’s chest pointed at their face while the world moves around them, or attached to the side of guns or similar objects. Hopefully we’ll see some really cool, inventive, and useful (from a cinematography standpoint) stuff in films in the future.

  5. Este vídeo maneiríssimo precisa de uma trilha sonora urgente!

    This awesome video needs urgently a cool soundtrack!

  6. You can’t share stories with Kottke! That gives me one less post in the universe for me to kill time with. Arrggghh.

  7. Taht is awesome, thanks! (And I’m voting for the Albertans, much better camera mount, the bikini video had too much sky and -1 for the soundtrack.)

  8. that’s wild! those little Gopro cameras can go anywhere! i love mine. awesome point of view. dizzy – i need to go lie down now.

  9. OMG… uh… huuh…. ulp! Bleeeeaaargh!

    OK, so I always got sick on those kiddie merry-go-rounds, which were seriously less than merry to me. And I can’t get on rollercoasters.

  10. Thanks for the Sunday morning mind-blower, and the sexylicious body close-ups, very cool. My favorite part is the guy with the cigarette at the end!

  11. Wow! This is almost exactly how I remember it was like having sex while on DMT! Well, apart from the other person being naked.

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