10 "Handy" Photoshop foul-ups

Our pals at the excellent Photoshop Disasters website prepared this freakish gallery of disembodied hands, duplicated & deleted digits, and extra arms.
Two hands, five fingers on each. Sounds simple, right? Yet when there's Photoshop and a (possibly drunk) graphic artist at work, things don't always come out as nature intended.


There's something unlucky about #13, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


Always a trend-setter, Michael McKean models the "Four-Fingered Hand" epaulettes seen on the Paris runways last year.


Can I get you an oven mitt... or three?


Don't look at that -- look over here at my beautiful corsage.


Domino's: when sort of good is good enough.


Finally, a mousepad designed for seven-fingered bewigged aliens!


This chord makes no sense! Where is this finger supposed to go?


Wow, that is a bizarre binge! She's shoveling it in with both all hands.


Love means overlooking each other's little flaws.


What a great song! Let's fist-bump! Oh... sorry.

To see more atrocities head on over to Photoshop Disasters or you can check out the PSD Facebook page for other images not shown on the website.


  1. It really shouldn’t need to be pointed out on BoingBoing of all places that the the Unwigged and Unplugged cover was done on purpose and, therefore, not a PSD…

  2. Pretty sure #2, with Michael McKean, was done on purpose. But congrats on getting the joke, almost.

  3. Whitney Houston actually has three arms. That’s why she needs to eat so much ice cream.

  4. I once accidentally photoshopped a third arm on a friend in a group photo. Left it anyway – it gave him a certain charm.

    1. Well, a third arm seemed to work for Zaphod Beeblebrox, who grew it just for Trillian. Or so he claimed.

  5. #7 is a Polish book on guitar chords.

    “with 576 diagrams of the most useful chords”
    “192 photos of basic holds”. I’m sure all holds seem basic when you’ve got 6 fingers.

  6. the first one with the seven fingers does not look like a photoshop, but instead a photo taken using two hands to make a crossed finger. perhaps to combine the lucky number seven with the crossed fingers for a day with an unlucky number.

  7. Oddly enough, the extra hand is the least disturbing thing about Gene Simmons mom making pizza.

  8. I’m intrigued by the four-fingered hand in the last picture. It isn’t obvious the photographer was wrestling with a choice there and people clearly sometimes are born missing a finger or lose one along the way — the real question is, are we mature enough to see a beautiful woman missing a finger as a reliable model?

  9. Also, the Dodd book cover was done back in the early 90s, when such covers were painted. Not actually a Photoshop error, but a painter error that no doubt happened when the art department asked for a change of pose.

  10. Isn’t it pretty obvious that a the cover of a book on guitar technique featuring a close-up of extra fingers is probably intended as humorous marketing?

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