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  1. pidg says:

    I got a scale that does all that (without the WiFi) for £10.

    If you’re too lazy to type three numbers into a spreadsheet…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was it just the act of measuring which caused the weightloss, or were you doing other things too?

  3. Beaver says:

    I love the concept for one reason, to record without activley knowing your weight. I lost 9kg this month. I weigh myself once a week. I would love to be able to weigh myself daily but in the past I have consciously changed my eating habits based on a daily reading. Mentally, when I am aware of the measurement it changes how I go about my day, irrationally. The larger trend is what is important but to only have 4 days a month is not enough resolution to really to go digging around in my food logs and see what works and what doesn’t.

    I would love to get on the scale everyday, have the number dissapear into the wifi, then at the end of the week evaluate my daily results and refine my diet to maximize weight loss.

    I don’t understand the negative reaction. It streamlines the process. It’s one step, a literal step and everything is logged for you. Turn off autocorrect/spellcheck, get up to change the television channel, and rip out the auto on feature of your cars headlights if you are so concerend with wastefulness. Let’s go back to manual windshield wipers too. This is a step in the right direction. The price will come down when wifi becomes a standard feature on most devices.

    Before I strap on my jetpack to head to work I will be glad that the toilet weighed me, my morning deposit,tested my urine, and gave me an update while I showered.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a coincidence, I just got mine in the mail today! Mt fat is sitting around 17%…let’s see if I can lose 5% of that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I started my weight loss quest last monday. I’m starting at 248lbs., and hoping to reach below 180. It’s really hard to describe to someone who has not struggled with a weight problem the terrible toll these extra pounds take on every aspect of your life. Self-esteem, sore feet, sore back, mystery pains, all the way to clothing issues. Reading that you were able to get this under control, and incorporating the WiThings scale (which I also purchased) really gives me a boost. Thank you.

  6. futnuh says:

    How can it possibly measure body fat (other than simply guessing based on your height and measured weight)?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Weight isn’t actually a very good unit to go by if you want to measure progress, so I have to say it’s pretty cool that this scale does body fat as well.

  8. winkybb says:

    Dear BB,

    I’ve bought a fancy scale and all the exercise equipment advertised on late night television but I’m still lazy. What should I do now?

    • Anonymous says:

      Change something. The time you get up. Prepare your food in advance. Start small, get momentum. Walk. Get good sleep. Drink lots. Track your cals, carbs, fat, prot, fibre, sodium. Get fresher food, less processed crap. There are 101 ways to get it going.

      Why do you think you’re struggling?

    • codesuidae says:

      Weigh yourself each morning (or afternoon, whenever it is you get out of bed), and then go check the trend of the line on the graph.

      When the line reaches the top, you win.

    • emmdeeaych says:

      Your only other option is meth. Ask around, it will find you.

    • Anonymous says:

      My advice to you is “Just do it!!!”.

    • bcsizemo says:

      You don’t need all that high tech stuff.

      Just eat your oatz, and do your squatz.


  9. The Bus says:

    This scale belongs in those horrid airline catalogues, not Boing Boing. Not a “cool” tool at all. Expensive, ridiculous, and wasteful.

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