Last minute Father's Day gift ideas


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  1. Mister44 says:

    I already have several of these on the list.

    1) 4 years ago when I got my first real laptop, I spend probably 100 bucks on serveral different portable mice that ended up breaking after a few months.

    6 months ago or so I bought the Logitech M215 and have been completely impressed. The big difference from the past mice is the micro, excuse me, nano receiver which is small enough to not break and no need to remove between use, and the smart power controls of the mouse that keeps its one AA battery going and going.

    2) Tiger Balm – great stuff if you always wanted to feel what a hot iron on your skin would feel like with out actually burning your flesh.

    3) Free State Brewery shirt – ok I don’t have this, but a friend does and I do like their beer.

    4) Geodes- mine aren’t from kits – but are cool none-the-less.

    5) SureFire E2D LED Defender – this one is actually on my list.

    6) K-Bar – great for camping, yard work, invading islands in the Pacific, or to “Kill-a-bear”.

  2. imag says:

    Those Commanders totally rock.

    And Five Fingers are truly amazing. They are a whole different experience. They are a PITA to get on, but once on, they are some of the best shoes for nature hiking ever made, unless you are spending a lot of time on rock. They are more like having good callouses on bare feet than like shoes. Definitely not a vile marketing gimmick for some of us.

  3. imag says:

    Those Commanders totally rock.

    And Five Fingers are truly amazing. They are a whole different experience. They are a PITA to get on, but once on, they are some of the best shoes for nature hiking ever made, unless you are spending a lot of time on rock. They are more like having good callouses on bare feet than like shoes. Definitely not a vile marketing gimmick for some of us.

  4. RobertBigelow says:

    I am told by many pilots that amphibians like the Grumman and perhaps the Antilles, are difficult to maintain and dangerous to operate, especially when taking off from and landing on water.

    A veteran airlines pilot once described them to me as a multi-directional compromise. While I do find amphibious aircraft to be alluring, I would be of a mind to operate them with caution.

    • penguinchris says:

      Yeah, for most people the danger is part of the appeal!

      Anyway… what’s the deal with wireless mice… why don’t they all use bluetooth?

      I have an excellent mini wireless mouse that runs on bluetooth, the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000. It seems to be the only decent one on the market, and it’s hard to find… yet there are hundreds of choices for the plug-in micro/nano receiver kind. In case you’re wondering, this one doesn’t have the problems others have, like being unresponsive and falling asleep too much, which is why I say it’s the only decent one on the market.

      I mean, I’m happy with it, but the one Cory recommends here looks and sounds nicer.

      Bluetooth is perfect for this application because once you have it paired the first time, you just have to switch on the mouse and it starts working. No need to worry about the receiver. That’s why it’s baffling to me why they’re not more common. Most decent laptops have bluetooth these days.

      • Anonymous says:

        I”m sorry but you may have mistaken me for someone else, or perhaps I have changed my mind since because I’m USING a wireless keyboard and mouse and quite fond of them.

        Check back and see, and if that WAS me, then I take it all back: wireless bluetooth peripherals are quite LOVELY and I’m very much enjoying using them with my desktop.*

        *an old 15″ PowerBook G4 HR, 1.67 GHz (2005) to which I’ve become quite fond of. It still works like a charm.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gotta shout out the love for the Vibram Five Fingers! :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know what I want, and it’s cheap too! Just a couple of model rockets, a launch pad and plenty of motors. And a nice afternoon with the kids launching them together.

    Still smiling from our cubscout rocket launch event.

  7. Alan says:

    I just ordered my dad the K-Bar knife. He lives on 40 acres in the Ozarks next to a national forest. He will use that knife. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m a girl.. but I never know what to get my dad for fathers day, and of course my mom is no help… So after doing some research I decided to give a donation to Smile Train in honor of my dad. I am going to print out pictures and facts about the organization and make a collage of sorts to wrap up. I think it’s a pretty good idea. yea? I figure you can’t go wrong with a good charity.

  9. ogvor says:

    I got those whiskey stones for Christmas and they aren’t worth it. They don’t keep your drink any noticeably colder and have to be washed after each use. I would instead recommend MOMA’s Japanese spherical ice cubes from their museum store (or online). Because the ice cubes are so big, they melt much slower, therefore imparting less water in your drink.

    But really, the idea of ‘whiskey stones’ doesn’t make sense to me since any whiskey worth sipping should be at room temperature.

    Love the Free State T-shirt though.

  10. GrymRpr says:

    How about a hug & a I love you?

    /Le Sigh…

  11. Rob Beschizza says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t find an Amazon Affiliate Code for that.

  12. SamSam says:

    These all look neat, but while I drool over the Ingersoll Skeleton Mechanical Watch, I can’t stand the fact that the 6 flips upside-down compared with all the numbers. Really it reads 4,5,9,7,8… I don’t think I’d be able to wear it without noticing that all the time.

    If they were worried about an upside down 6 confusing people, they shouldn’t have made the 5 and 7 upside down.

  13. Alan says:

    Thank you for not including chocolates on the list. I received a box today via UPS as a gift. It’s 100 degrees outside. Kinda messy.

  14. tyger11 says:

    Grumman Goose FTW! Who’s yer daddy!

  15. Anonymous says:

    If you are going to get your Father a Grumman Goose, which are admittedly cool, you may consider a more modern alternative.

    The turboprop Antilles Goose.

    Made from the plans from the original goose with more modern materials, engines, and cockpits.

    Oh god, do I want one…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kids, if you’re reading this, I still want an altair 8800. The ‘a’ or ‘b’ model is OK, but not the turnkey. Operating condition and card set doesn’t matter (fixing it up will be half the fun).


  17. penguinchris says:

    Also I do like the boots, but I hate square/flat toed shoes. I just think they look awful. I don’t mean to imply that super-pointy Italian dress shoes are better (those are popular in Asia, and they look ridiculous on most Asians – you have to be pretty tall to pull them off).

    But, I lean more toward pointy than flat. Typical desert boots or wingtip/oxfords are about right for nicer shoes, and for casual shoes canvas sneakers like Converse are about right. Flat or rounded square *never* looks good.

    • wookiedingleberry says:

      I’m tall with big feet. Pointy shoes on me end up looking like they need bells on the tips to complete the look.

  18. Agies says:

    Rob, do you fly fish?

  19. freshacconci says:

    Wow. You people really don’t know my father, do you? If I gave him anything on this list, I’d be met with a perplexed look and not much else. My father has never touched a computer and has never used an ATM. He’s German and he likes beer. Now, the Crosley CR249 BK Keepsake USB Turntable? That’s for me. Maybe I can digitize all his LPs and burn him a couple of CDs. And give him a case of Pilsner Urquell.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What kind of wussy wants a ka-bar straight edge? You need the one with the that is serrated

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sigh. No, my dad wouldn’t want any of these. He’s not at all active, doesn’t like to cook, and insists on maddening efficiency, and is not only up-to-date on his technology, but finds obnoxious add-ons to gadgetry obnoxious. It’s really hard to shop for him. :( I can’t even buy him movies because he downloads everything and watches it via USB on the TV. I am stumped!

  22. Jack says:

    Those “Vibram Fivefingers” and similar non-shoe shoes are just vile. They look like a joke concept of an idea marketed as an in movie product. And the “health” benefits are dubious at best.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly the vibram five fingers are the best shoes I’ve ever owned I bought them about 6 months ago and have only worn my other shoes twice since then they do help me walk more on the balls of my feet rather than the sides of my feet and heels

    • billstewart says:

      What I don’t understand about the Vibram toe-shoes or those really cool looking Cydwoqs is how you can order shoes without trying them on and expect them to fit. Length and width are a start, but you’re putting weight on them in ways that depend on the shape of your feet, and the soles have to sort of match that. That’s easier with flat-soled shoes, but still not reliable. I’ve tried one of the Vibram competitors, and while it had several different adjustment straps, it didn’t actually fit me. (On the other hand, Birkenstocks have a cork sole that rapidly deforms based on where your weight is, so they do just fine after the first few days.)

      The health benefits of the toe shoes apply if you’re running on dirt or sand; running on roads is a much different set of mechanical stresses.

    • Anonymous says:


      You really should try the Vibrams sometime.

  23. Psypomp says:

    The Cydwoq website doesn’t seem to be working, unfortunately.

  24. Anonymous says:

    With all the posts about Aeropress around here, I would love to see a post dedicated to the different types of coffee grinders to use with it (like the one in this post!). We love our Aeropress, but the electric grinder burns the beans half the time.

  25. Desty says:

    I accidently bought my own father’s day gift. My well worn recliner had died, thanks to my kids, and I replaced it. Well, my wife wasn’t happy, because that was her idea too. She keeps telling me that its impossible to come up with fathers day gifts for me because I want something, I buy it. I wrote about the what’s and why’s. I mean, really, why should we have to rely upon maybe getting something we want, and if we don’t, then we still have to get it.

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