Pulp Fiction edited down to just the cussing

TheCussingChannel is a YouTube account that edits movies down to just the swear-words and racial epithets. Here's their 429-word, 3:20 mixdown of Pulp Fiction.

Just The Cussing - Pulp Fiction Supercut (via IZ Reloaded)


  1. Ok. I’m cured. From now on everything is “darn”, “dagnabbit”, and “confounded”. Maybe a “frak” now and then.

    1. I use “barnacles” and “tartar sauce” around my son. He associates it with SpongeBob and laughs while I get to “curse” with impunity.

  2. I want to see something like the Funky Pete and Hot Funk versions of Saun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz respectively, in which all the cussing has been replaced by clean alternatives like “funk” and “peas and rice.”

    1. I have to say, it holds up surprisingly well and saves you about two and a half hours.

    2. While there is a beautiful simplicity to this, I would like a little more context than just the single swearword. I would have really liked to hear Jules say “I’m an atom bomb layin’ motherfucker, motherfucker!” rather than just “motherfucker, motherfucker!” And it’s too jarringly jump-cutty.

      1. Quiche, I’m pretty sure we got one to three words out of every line in the movie. Adding any amount of context would cause the video time to quickly balloon until you were just posting the whole movie.

    3. the “In Bruges” DVD has a wonderful instance of this genre as an extra — all the cussing + instances of people saying “Bruges”.

      For me the classic though is the NWA “explicit content only” version. http://www.ni9e.com/nwa.html


    4. I truly believe Samuel L. Jackson’s career hinges on his ability to say something like, “God damn, motherfucking, bitch!” and have it sound so epic.

      It’s all in his delivery, nice slow and very detailed in the pronunciation. That and he says it loudly, but without sounding like he is trying to yell it at you.

    5. The irony for me is immense, seeing as I’m one of those people that think the show would have been much more enjoyable, and funny, without all the useless swearing in the first place.

    6. It’s nice, but I really wish they’d properly cropped the video. Tiny frame (reminiscent of late 90’s video) inside all that black. Of course, the audio’s the reason we’re watching, but it doesn’t hurt to do it right.

      1. To Christians, who represent about a third of the total world population, taking the Lord’s name in vain is swearing. In fact, it’s the only true swear because it’s the only one prohibited by God, rather than simply frowned upon by society. I’m not taking a position either way, but you have to realize that some people might possibly maybe potentially have some very slight differences in opinion from the ideas you may possibly have.

    7. And of course, McNulty and Bunk’s immortal crime scene analysis from the first season of The Wire…

    8. Many years ago, someone I know went to California for a workshop where Sony was demonstrating their new Betacam Video system. For their hands-on editing exercise they made a cuss-reel from the recently released on video Al Pacino movie,’Scarface’. Apparently it was hilarious.

      (I wouldn’t be surprised if Scarface was on TheCussingChannel).

    9. “Taking the Lord’s name in vain” means claiming to be a Christian but not acting like one- it’s not about vocabulary.

    10. That whole thing was perfectly done. I’d be proud if I could muster the discipline to stick to the basic rule of ‘just cusses from a whole film’ as a method of cutting up and creating a film from a film. It’s a form of film criticism, well done here.

      The glitches in editing are absolutely essential to the feel of the whole thing. Who’d want to watch this smoothed out and perfected to some manic degree, all fussy and slick and predetermined, like a some promotional video product?

      I found the rhythm of it aptly violent. It was like speed metal, setting you up with 2:34 of insanely twisted rhythmic blaaaargh only to jar you with Samuel S. Jackson’s owning moment in the bloody car.

      The swear words aren’t what’s really cool about this vid.

    11. absolutely fucking brilliant!
      it’s like I watched Pulp Fiction all over again, but just the Cliff Notes.

      I went to my doctor last week. doctor tells me I have Tourette’s Syndrome.
      what the fuck is Tourette’s Syndrome?

    12. The odd thing is…
      I have never seen this movie, but I can still understand what’s going on, just by all the swearing =|

    13. quinton tarantino has always been over the top for the simple art of being over the top. if he was worried about his soul or offending christianity he would not have created pulp. its real man. its the very essence of the majority of society. quinton’s oddity of creation is a masterpiece. i say carry on and thank you may i have another.

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