Boing Boing Meetup report: Los Angeles


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  1. ptitz says:

    this pin says Участник ликвидации аварии на АЭС Чернобыль (member of forces engaded in liquidation of chernobyl nuclear plant disaster). it was given to people that took part in containment of the whole mess, firemen, rescuers, etc. many of them didnt live to this day. quite tragic, really.

  2. arielturnip says:

    The man with the teeth casting looks like Andre from Project Runway!

  3. rundorkasrun says:

    my only objection to this otherwise awesome situation is that ladyfolk are badly underrepresented.

    • DoctressJulia says:

      Yep, noticed that as well. Depressing.

      On the other hand, neat stuff! And, the guy with the Taiwanese puppets is my crush of the day… sigh. :3

  4. Bokonon says:

    Awesome Show and Tell for “Grownups”. Thanks Mark. So much to love. Wait, is Xeni wearing her invisible suit?

  5. Jasmina Tešanovic says:

    well we made it in LA as opposed to some other cities where they BB did try
    My sciarpa is deisgned by Mieke Gerritzen and beware, you may get there too!
    Btw Xeni is invisible, but we all saw her, she and I were the only two women there!

  6. yclept says:

    I’m the guy with the Butt Cat. Shawn Thompson is my name. I’ll post the story when I do my wrapup. Looking forward to reading this post later. Thanks!

    Ready for the next meetup!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wish I’d been in that room!

    That said, the picture prompted a thought: has there ever been a poll done on the proportion of males/females among Boing Boing readers?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      We do have some statistics somewhere. But reader stats and commenter stats, at least anecdotally, don’t seem to match up very well.

  8. Alex says:

    Man, if I knew I’d be YouTubed by BoingBoing, I’d have prepped something fancier to play on the nose flute!

  9. penguinchris says:

    The photo of the Chernobyl pin is missing from the post!

    I tried to get more information about it from my friend who gave it to me (who is from Kiev and came to the US a few years after the disaster). He said his mom does have a pin given to her because she helped with construction of the plant as a university student (apparently), which is what I thought he had given me, but it isn’t this one!

    He definitely gave this to me, but apparently doesn’t remember anything about it (not even the fact that he gave it to me) – other than that it is definitely a liquidator’s pin, post-disaster (he can read it at least).

    Anyway, thanks for writing up a quick report and for taking all those photos. I think a lot of us noticed that you were taking tons of photos, and knowing they’d probably show up on BB decided not to take many of our own :)

  10. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    Thanks, Chris. I added the photo. Will add your name now, too.

  11. Thylacinthine says:

    I think that bird is a corella.

    What wonderful things everyone brought!

  12. Stefan Jones says:

    Nice report & Photos!

    I wasn’t able to make it to the Portland meet-up. My dog was donating blood that evening. If I had, I would have brought my collection of bOING-bOING zines from Back In The Day.

    Or maybe my mystic lantern, assuming I could find a place to plug it in.

  13. nixiebunny says:

    I like that chuck of graphite – it’s more bigger than the one Tom gave to me. He’s a great source of Cold War detritus.

    And that lunchbox – a great idea, turning old lunchboxes into sleeper art.

  14. WheatConspiracy says:

    This looks tight as hell! I just moved to LA, and love living in a real city cuz I get to do stuff like this. And of course happened to be out of town for it. Excited for next year; three cheers for solidarity!!!

  15. Jake0748 says:

    Thanks for posting this Mark. I heard a little bit about it from Jasmina. We didn’t manage to get enough people together in tampa bay to hold a meeting. I was really hoping to find some like-minded souls. Maybe next year. :)

    • embryoconcepts says:

      I’m in Orlando, but I’d be down with a meet up. Could probably rustle some other folks, as well.

  16. Bob K says:

    Wow, cool collection of people and stuff! I have a set of those mini die cast Star Wars figures, but I’m missing the Xeni.

    Wish I could have made it to the Seattle area boingboing meet up–as it also happened to be on Les Paul’s birthday I would have brought one of Les Paul’s ears.

    (ask me later….)

  17. Manooshi says:

    Great pics and commentary, Mark! I’m bummed I missed the LA Boing Boing meet up, but I look forward to attending the next one… whenever that is. Machine Project rules. :)

  18. Bartacus says:

    Yes, thanks again for hosting such a cool event.

    Here’s a link to my Edgy TV Show Lunchbox pics in the BB Flickr Pool. I’m kicking myself for not bringing the Thermos.

  19. Nezrite says:

    I love playing Fluxx!

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