Disembodied floating Dobbsian smoking heads for your compositing pleasure

Phil from Phil Are Go has done the world the excellent service of trimming out the smoking, disembodied floating Dobbsian heads from this old Kaywoodie Pipes ad, and and making them available as hi-rez PNGs.

Kaywoodie Pipes - DFH gift set. You're welcome.


  1. Blessed Bob, full of grace,
    grant me slack,
    so I may slow my pace.

    -abs worships at the Head of Bob, and believes all unbelievers should give him their slack….

  2. I was a pipe smoker for years. To this day I can’t even see a pipe without an intense craving to light up and inhale deeply.

    1. What’s the point of smoking if you don’t inhale?

      I inhaled my pipe for ten years (20 years ago).

  3. That cutout, sirs, is not Bob! Quite possibly that is the Anti-Bob or one of his minion. Look at the fear of exposure in his eyes and the lame attempt at a confident smile. Clearly this is an attempt of the Slackless to corrupt the one true church.

  4. Gosh, what’s wrong with you guys?? You mean to tell me, you’ve ALL forgotten that the true “Bob” always has his name in quotes?!? ;)

  5. My guess is this is a tribute or a ripp of from the Bas Kist Lino cut portrait of his friend M.C. Escher done in the 1920’s – see p20 M.C. Escher his life and complete graphic work. Abrade 1981.

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