Super Mario Converse high-tops

Converse and Nintendo are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Super Mario with a trio of commemorative Chuck Taylor high-tops that're full of pixellated win.


Converse x Super Mario Bros. Chuck Taylor Hi - Part 2 (via OhGizmo)


  1. Cool! Too bad they won’t have them in anything *near* my size, since that is always one of my major problems when shopping for clothes and stuff in Japan :(


  2. HOW do I snag a pair of these???
    I am drooling over the white pair. My ex has held my converse collection hostage for 3+ years. I believe he set them on fire (hence the “ex” part). I am dying for another unique pair!

  3. Those are VERY cool, especially the blue ones. I hope Zelda gets the same treatment for its 25th anniversary.

    @allisonrenee: Journeys has been great for hard-to-find Chucks in the past. Both my Who Union Jack and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Chucks were ordered from my local Journeys store when the Converse site was sold out.

  4. @Gulliver

    Actually it’s been 26, not sure where this 25th anniversary statement originated…

  5. Please post a link where we can buy these when they come available! Pretty please with sugar and a princess in another castle on top!!

  6. I want these so bad, but I can’t really justify the 8000yen ($100) price tag for a pair of converse.

  7. what you need now is an arduino-controlled midi-box in loose-crotch (or cargo) pants that connects to pressure sensors in each shoe. when you walk at normal pace, it plays a beat of original mario midi for each step. if you run, it plays star music. every time you jump… coin! everyday life becomes awesome

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