Wikipedia is giving away its old servers

Wikimedia, the foundation that oversees Wikipedia and related projects, is upgrading a lot of its servers, and cycling out some of the old hardware. But rather than selling it or throwing it away, they're donating it to other, worthy projects -- maybe even yours.
Most systems (but possibly not all) have the following specifications:
* Dual CPU 2.5 GHz
* From 3GB to 24GB of RAM, depending on role.
* Most have 80 GB or larger HDD (some have two hard drives, some drives are 160GB or possibly even 250GB)

If you are interested, please provide the following information in your email to us: * Registered non-profit name and information.
* Your contact information, including email address, phone number, and relationship with requesting non-profit.
* Information on the non-profit, their charter, mission and goals.
* Shipping address information for a FedEx Ground delivery (i.e., the shipment destination)*
* How the servers will be used. (We like to know and share with folks!)

Server Decommission Donations (via DVICE)