Lovecraftian Lollipops

Jason, who made the great Chocolate Cthulhu, has a line of Lovecraftian Lollipops that accompany it:
In the tradition of the Chocolate Cthulhu Idol and the Giant Cthulhu Chocolate Bar comes our first foray into the world of hard candies.We offer you......Loathsome Lovecraftian Lollipops! Included in this first wave are Cthulhu, a Deep One, Nyarlathotep and the Elder Sign.


    1. So a increase in interest in gold wrapped chocolate coins forewarns the rise of a wall street horror?

  1. I don’t want to be knit picky but doesn’t the logo look a lot like the HYDRA logo from the Marvel universe. I see that it has an extra tentacles on both sides, along with little ones. But when I saw it first think I thought was HYDRA.

  2. the elder sign is the Derleth version rather than Lovecraft’s one or even the hybrid version.

  3. A perfect party favor for game night – when it’s Arkham Horror (with the Dunwich Horror Expansion of course!).

  4. “That is not tasty which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even sugar may die.”

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