From Make: Tips My Dad Says

Gareth Branwyn says: "Earlier in the week, we asked our staff, some of our MAKE contributors, and you, dear reader, to share some maker tips and words of wisdom from your dads and granddads. We got a lot of great contributions, stellar words of dad-ish wisdom, filled with practical ingenuity, good humor, and garage philosophy as only dad can brew it up. Probably our favorites were from Photo Editor Sam Murphy’s dad: 'If you ever have to shoot someone, make sure you empty the gun. That makes it look like you were scared' (Okay… thanks, dad. Good to know), and from staff writer, Brookelynn Morris’ pops: 'If you get in trouble when you are diving for abalone, drop your weight belt. It will be right where you left it at the bottom of the ocean when you go back to find it.'"
My father (a lawyer) told me that company culture is driven from the top — if it’s the people who make the product, you’re good; sell the product, you’re OK. If the accountants take over, look for another job, and if the lawyers take over, run as fast as you can the other way. –Alden Hart

Hot glass looks the same as cold glass. -rrot

Never tap a gauge harder than you would tap the bridge of your nose. -David Seitz

Tips My Dad Says (Happy Father’s Day to All of the MAKE Pops)