Gary Gygax memorial in the offing

The Gary Gygax Memorial Fund, established to install a bronze bust of the Dungeons and Dragons co-creator, has attained planning permission from the relevant authorities in Lake Geneva, WI:
The Gygax Memorial Fund has reached a huge milestone. We have been granted land for the memorial site at Donian Park. Donian Park is a four acre open space site which encompasses a wetland and the 100 year recurrence interval floodplain along the White River in downtown Lake Geneva.
Land in Donian Park Approved! (via /.)


  1. Start an Internet movement to get Steven Colbert to dedicate the memorial.

    He did a tribute to Gygax on his show so he must be fan.

    Having him dedicate it would get a lot of publicity for the memorial.

  2. I suggest a life size replica of the Tomb of Horrors instead :)
    With functional rotating knives, flayer-bots and mad, crazed cultists (Star-trek-comic-book-guy).

    Don’t forget
    to save

  3. i might kick in a few gold pieces but the shrubs better be sculpted into monster manual monsters!

    how cool would it be to read his memorial plaque surrounded by Beholders and Mind Flayers!?! I guess you’d have to be there… and be me :(

  4. This is cool, but it would be way cooler if they built it at the mouth of a very spooky cave, whose entrance was strewn with bits of bone and chain mail. Inside? A gift shop! Preferably run by a guy named Monty Haul. ;)

  5. +1 Anon for suggesting this should be brought to Colbert’s attention.

    -abs totally would take a bet that he’d act on it, in fact maybe he’ll just wander on over to Comedy Central and see if there’s a link he can use to suggest it

  6. There is a nice little gravestone dedicated to Gary inside Dungeons and Dragons Online, in Delera’s Graveyard. There used to be a yearly memorial procession, but I don’t know if they still do it.

    Still, it will be nice to see a real-life dedication to a man who greatly influenced my teen years.

  7. I had a guy talk me into helping bring Dungeons and Dragons into our High school as a club.

    He thought if he could get some Honour Roll guys to support ‘the cause’ the student council would roll with some funding for kickin’ supplies.

    They did.

    I played a few times then quickly discovered the labyrinthine s, treasures, fantasy characters + tests bored me.

    I did however develop a passion for surprise and began killing everyone and everything that went in with me or that I encountered.

    Most of the others didn’t get it.

    When they caught on to my killin’ ways though I had to promise I wouldn’t kill them before they would let me play again.

    I’d now wait until we got deeper into the game before they trusted me and I had opportunity to randomly kill them all over again.

    Eventually they stopped inviting me to the meetings and I had a fantastic high school life.

    I now take over your eulogy with my own:

  8. #1 got it right… I don’t know how many times I was hassled by the cops for LARPING in LG… “The design would include a castle turret with a bust on top and possibly have a dragon wrapped around the turret”. I think it would be pretty spectacular.

  9. There should be 8.5 x 11 square pavers around it, where donors can post their favortite D&D character’s stats.

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