British phone booth updated with Skype


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  1. TabulaRasa says:

    As a german, I’ve been marvelling at your beautiful british phone booths since I first saw them. What a shame they are gone :(

  2. Gordon JC Pearce says:

    There are still a lot of them around, particularly in conservation areas where the more modern stainless steel ones would look out of place.

    I wonder if in sixty year’s time we’ll be slapping preservation orders on the stainless ones?

    • CH says:

      Phone boots… hmm… I think I remember those.

      I don’t think you need 60 years… try 10 and see if you still will find one around. I think all phone booths have been removed in my country (Finland), or at least I haven’t seen any around for years.

  3. pidg says:

    British Telecom (BT) have a scheme whereby, if they’re planning to disconnect/remove an old red phone box, they first remove the phone and put up a notice inside.

    They give the local community the chance to purchase it for the princely sum of £1, at which point ownership goes to the local community and BT are excused of any responsibilities to do with it.

    Pretty cool (though annoying if you were looking for a public payphone, and found an empty museum piece instead).

  4. pringleflicker says:

    @TabulaRasa there are plenty still around – and those remaining are now “listed”, i.e. they’re protected from being messed around with.

  5. kylerconway says:

    The question is… is skype an update.

  6. Dom says:

    This doesn’t look like a British phone box to me. It looks like a fairly cheap wooden replica.

    • Ministry says:

      Agreed. Real ones are metal. The crown’s wrong, too.

      • Irregular Shed says:

        Yep, the font on the frosted glass sign is wrong too. Handle’s completely wrong, and the door clearly has a domestic door closure. Back panel is utterly wrong. The base should be concrete, the rest should be cast iron, and it should smell of urine to be genuine.

        It’s a pretty cheap MDF/particle board prop. Boo!

        • capl says:

          @irregular shed
          Yeah, I also seriously doubt that the booth was ever in the UK, as I got it from a local Pittsburgh guy who had it for twenty plus years. However, it is not made of particle board and it definitely not a cheap prop due to its overall weight (about 300lbs).
          I also had to swap out the door handles as they were gone so if you know a source for better door handles let me know. I’ll pass on the authentic smell.


  7. Wallenstein says:


    As a german, I’ve been marvelling at your beautiful british phone booths since I first saw them. What a shame they are gone :(

    They were lovely as long as you weren’t in a wheelchair, or pushing a buggy, or otherwise incapacitated (the doors are v. stiff and there’s a big lip at the bottom).

    Plus they used to stink of p*ss most of the time.

    I can understand the nostalgia, but truth is they weren’t that great as a piece of design and are totally unsuited to modern life.

  8. EricT says:

    We’ll see how long this lasts since Microsoft is assimilating Skype.

  9. gwailo_joe says:

    I think this is a pretty sweet set up. . .kudos!

  10. foobar says:

    Is it bigger on the inside?

  11. Anonymous says:



    TEY US VOCE!!!! LOLSSS!!!!

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