Tune: sfnal rom-com webcomic

Derek Kirk Kim and LesMcClaine relaunched the Tune webcomic today. Gina from publisher FirstSecond writes, "Tune is a sci-fi slice-of-life romantic comedy adventure of interdimensional proportions. When art school drop-out Andy Go resigns himself to a lackluster day job, he unknowingly corners himself into a life of incarceration. In a parallel universe. Will he make it back home? Will he survive the attempt? Will he ever get laid?"

Tune (Thanks, Gina!)


  1. Four word headline: three of them ill-considered. Luckily, however, you had me at ‘webcomic’…

  2. This scene seems like it was inspired by Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five,” where Billy Pilgrim lives in a bubble and is watched by aliens. When he pees they go nuts. Or was that Malachai Constant in “Sirens of Titan?”

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