Electronic traffic sign warns of zombies!

Highway contractors kindly deployed this electronic road sign last night in northern Kentucky. Unfortunately, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet thought it to be a practical joke. They'll learn soon enough once drivers start disappearing. "Interstate 71/75 sign warns of zombies" (Cincinnati.com, thanks Charles Pescovitz!)


  1. insert the words “leaning on shovels” and it would just be any other highway job in america…

  2. Please get serious, how could anyone not appreciate such a warning.
    All my windows would be up and no stopping rule enforced.
    I breath a huge sigh of relief and get home safely to read the next installment of BoingBoing.

  3. There was another one in Columbus, OH the other week. On my way into work I was driving past the new ballpark and the flashing road sign that usually says “Game Today” was reading “Caution: Zombies”. By 8:00am they were correcting it.. :(

  4. Kentucky’s good with signs. My favorite on the side of a hwy store:

    Gas. Food. Soda. Beer. TNT.

  5. I saw one of these on 295 SB not far from BWI, yesterday and today, flashing the messages:

    Speed Enforced
    Smooth Operator

    What does it mean?

  6. Driving through Nebraska, the most flat, straight, 300 miles I’ve ever driven, there was one of these saying “prepare to stop. Drug roadblock ahead” I freaked out and made my passenger throw away the pack of smokes that held the one lone joint we had in the car.

    There was no roadblock.

    1. Yes. . .they wait at the next turnout hoping to catch furtive drug flinging then pounce. You were lucky.

      Budgets are way too tight for random roadblocks: just keep driving.

    2. Sorry you fell for one of the best cons in the book.

      A clever teenager can get enough weed for all their friends if they comb the side of the road after putting up one of these signs.

  7. “There’s a warnin’ sign on the road ahead … there’s a lot of people sayin’ we’d be better off undead …”

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