Palin denies quitting bus tour

A reminder of one of the differences between Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann illustrated in the Matt Taibbi piece Xeni linked to yesterday: Bachmann is a natural political campaigner, whereas Palin is not. [Jezebel]


  1. Another difference is that Bachmann is running for the nomination as the Republican presidential candidate, and Palin isn’t.

  2. As much as I dislike both Palin and Bachmann, you at least have to hand it to Bachmann for serving the full terms of the various house and senate seats to which she was elected.

    I think anyone with half a political brain in their skull recognizes Bachmann as a genuine contender while Palin is just cashing her chips in while she can.

    The real difference between Palin and Bachmann is that Bachmann has conviction and drive. Palin is just an opportunist who got lucky. Bachmann will go back to her job in congress and keep working for years to come if she doesn’t get the GOP nomination.

    Whether you ignore Palin or make fun of her doesn’t matter. She’s an idiot and most of her appeal is of the Ann Coulter variety — “she pisses of the libs so we LOVE her.” But Bachmann, nutty as she may be, walks the walk. She will gain traction with a certain segment of the population and be to them what they had hoped Palin would be.

    1. “Bachmann will go back to her job in congress and keep working for years”

      Yes, but working on what? I read the Taibbi piece on her, and she doesn’t really accomplish anything but introduce bills that are redundant and unnecessary.

    2. sort of. Bachmann’s not actually done anything while IN congress. she’s just been elected by idiots because she appeals to their inner.. idiot.

      1. It should be noted that I never said she actually did anything of import. But she shows up, which, as they say, is half the job and is more than one can say for Palin.

      2. If you continue to look at the dissatisfied in terms of their mental acuity, rather than in terms of the very real anger and frustration they feel, you might find yourself hauled up against a wall when a revolution suddenly ignites. Arrogance blinds and cripples you.

        The teabaggers may very well be idiots. As a group, they are certainly inarticulate, and effectively leaderless. But if you can’t see past that, and notice that something is very wrong in America today, so wrong that even an inarticulate idiot can sense it you are more useless than they are.

        Civilizations collapse. That’s what historically happens. But in the United States we’ve beaten the odds by creating social structures that can internalize change to such a degree that a revolution can be just a New Deal instead of bloody sacks of cities and the dashing of infants’ heads against walls.

        Unfortunately, ever since Reagan, we’ve been rapidly dismantling the interlocking systems of personal freedoms and social safety nets that made the United States what it once was. That’s what the teabaggers are on about. They don’t know what to do, they don’t know who to trust, they don’t even know how to talk intelligently about it, but they know something has got to give. They are smart enough to keep their powder dry – are you smart enough to make their ammunition unnecessary?

        Someone like Bachman, who can play Nehemiah Scudder to the teabaggers with verve and audacity, could bring this nation down. Boring sods like Denis Kucinich, Al Franken, Ron Paul, and Russ Feingold are losing the battle to save us from ourselves. The corporate polluters of our minds, bodies and land need to be brought to justice or they will be destroyed in a mindless orgy of violence that could well be far more devastating than our last civil war. The educated middle class must stand up from the sofa and turn off the boob tube, or we abdicate our future to the teabaggers and the corporations.

        1. “been rapidly dismantling the interlocking systems of personal freedoms and social safety nets that made the United States what it once was…”

          How so?

          Look, I agree with you. But it seems to me that the Tea Bag rage and indignation is completely misdirected. Enlighten me.

  3. “We can choose whatever profession we want, and no one tells us what profession we go in.” Except…God? What?

  4. People, please, never underestimate the amount of complete crazy that is Michele Bachmann. While she may look competent compared to Palin, she is dangerous and nearly psychopathic in her delusions. I’ve written a long blog about it here: but basically she chooses to believe misconstrued truths or outright lies about our country’s history and her ideological opponents, and spreads those lies from a position of authority. She is potentially far more harmful to this country than Palin ever will be.

  5. Also, she’s a member of America’s persecuted Christian minority, and thus is constantly being picked on simply because of her faith and because God has chosen her to be His representative on Earth.

  6. Looks like Palin just threw herself… Under the bus…


    Anyway, she’s now quit her job as governor (unless you ask her) and her political campaign (unless you ask her). Is it OK for us to start questioning whether she’d serve her entire term as president?

  7. Anyone who’s provided foster care for 23 teenage girls can’t be all bad. Plus, her eyes can burn through human skulls – and might – if given, say, a Current TV interview.

  8. Wonkette had a slightly different take on Bachmann and her fostering: A Wonkette operative says Bachmann has five kids of her own and raised an astonishing 23 foster kids. A nice person would say, “Oh, that’s a nice thing.” But our cold-hearted operative notes that Minnesota pays $30 a day, tax free, per foster kid.

    “So if Bachmann has fostered 23 children, let’s say for an average of five years, that would come out to a non-taxable $1,259,250,” the Wonk-Op writes. “No wonder she’s anti-abortion. Children are a cash crop for her.”

    1. Wonkette is that form of singularity where snarky douches take over human bodies. Nothing to get from them but a laugh.

      1. I have to agree. Wonkette are not exactly serious commentators.
        “Foster parents are just in it for the money!”
        Yep, just what I expect from Wonkette.

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