This could be inspiring, or the set up for a joke. You pick.

" wants to be the Pandora of narrative nonfiction."


  1. This could be an awesome site for all I know, but these kinds of things make me think of this Lisa quote: “Anything that’s the something of the something isn’t really the anything of the anything.”

  2. I haven’t a clue what Pandora is. Neither do I know what narritive nonfiction is. Having to look up at least two things in order to evaluate whether this story is of any interest to me makes this post a fail.

    1. To be fair, both of those are things with which a reader of this website could reasonably be expected to be acquainted. Given that definitions for either are about four seconds of Googling away, I’m not sure this would have been enhanced by descriptions.

      In any case, this looks like an extremely interesting service, but hardly revolutionary – we already have similar sites for fiction.

  3. “narrative non-fiction” = a true story (at least stated as being believed to be true by the narrator).

    What’s so hard to understand about that?

    1. Speaking as someone who is sometimes a writer, it’s hard to understand because it’s a contradiction in terms. All narratives are at least partly fictional, by their very nature.

    2. Without wishing to be drawn into too much discussion, as not all true stories are narritive fiction, we can be clear that a definition “narrative non-fiction = a true story” is grossly inadaquate. I direct you to google if you’d like to know more about this rather specialist term, UC, but I have a sinking feeling you’re complacently happy with your own ad hoc definition.

  4. So…you don’t get to hear a book that you REALLY want to hear, but what somebody THINKS you want to hear?

  5. Looks amazing, but what’s with the trend of putting grey on white? It makes it unreadable.

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