Branch Holder for making stick-swords

This is a cute design concept: a rubber sword-guard intended to be affixed to stray branches to make them more sword-like. I can't tell whether designer Naama Agassi has produced these, but they look like they'd be a fun DIY project to make out of cardboard or Sugru or some other material.

Branch Holder (via Geekologie)


  1. And I wonder if Naama has kids, and if they still have all of their eyes.

    Can’t count how often I had to remind kiddo ‘no running with sticks’

    1. I spent my childhood running with sticks, playing with fire, climbing trees, having stick swordfights and making bows and arrows from suitable plantlife.

      Guess what? never did me any lasting damage, the occasional cut, bruise and scratch is part of growing up.

      Just because there’s some really, really small chance of maybe, perhaps, if you’re unlucky losing an eye, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Just y’know be careful and have fun.

  2. I, and every kid I grew up with, ran with sticks.

    For hours.

    Until the street lights came on.

  3. Could someone confirm that one can, in fact, make something that structural out of just Sugru?

  4. Maybe we’ll see a resurgence of single-stick play, like TR in the White House. That thing looks like it would fit on the end of an escrima stick.

  5. This couldn’t be sold in the U.S. because of the risk of lawsuits. Not that we didn’t sword fight with sticks; of course we did. But if someone got hurt there was no one to sue for encouraging it.

  6. Oh that is so DOPE! I wish I had these when my brother and I were wee ones, it would have saved us many a bruised and scuffed knuckle or digit. Sword-sticks are essential.

    Man that is a great idea.

  7. I remember doing this when I was a kid… My friend’s wooden sword broke and I’ve been walking around with a chipped front tooth for the last 25 years. All he got was two stitches and a concussion after I whacked him upside the head. Good times. Good times.

  8. Oh, thank goodness. I was recently discussing with another parent the shameful fact that we can put a man on the moon but kids playing with sticks hasn’t been monetized.

    1. You just gave me an idea.

      Rubberized, printed tiles for The Floor Is Lava.

      Would I buy them for my kids? Never. Would I make them for my kids? Maybe.

  9. Yes, my childhood was like that, I never wore a bike helmet, after lunch I ventured into the woods and no one knew where I was until dinner time, or how high the trees were I climbed on …

    But back then we did not have the worst kind of predator yet: other parents who call the police on you for child neglect

  10. looks like someone pulled the guard bit off some cheap bit of plastic crap they bought from a pound shop / dollar store. Hardly a design concept I would have thought.

  11. That is a terrible stickfighting stick. C’mon, guy, if you’ve lost your eye for good stickfighting equipment, get a kid to pick you one out!

  12. Seriously, if eye damage is the only true concern, you can find great eye protection on this site. As a bonus, they can pretend they’re in the movie, “Mad Max!” You can find lots of options from under $10 to around $20. My boys loved these (until they lost them — got to get another pair for each of them)!

    1. I like the sound of “Mad Max” eye protection, but alas “this site” is just red text and no link. care to post again princessalex?

  13. If eye protection is the big deal make your kids wear goggles, you can call them Steampunkids then.

    There are also a billion non-compliant fencing masks (ie not legal to fence in anymore) out there that you can make your kids wear (they would probably dig that). They would do a fine job for the average stick battle.

    Of course there are other options. The first is accepting that boo boos are a part of childhood (as well as parenting). The second is to coat the world in NERF.

  14. does nobody remember Make #7 I think, making eye protection from a 2 liter bottle, in HOWTOONS?

  15. Rubber sword guards? Man, when we were kids we just use sticks and that was it.

    And kids get can sticks these days? I thought the majority of parents and teachers are so terrified, they would not allow them outside for recess and walk home by themselves even if their home is only 1 block away.

  16. The effect is novel…. but the concept is too hopelessly obscure to be much of a commercial success. I can already imagine the things they would say on Dragon’s Den….

    There is a liquidation store near my work that sells a few pretty weird things. Like circles of cardboard marked with different sizes so you can cut them down to the size of your wheels in order to prevent overspray of tire cleaner. I expect these stick-gaurds to show up there.

  17. Please. We use to run around shooting each other with pellet guns and slingshots. All we had for protection was ski goggles and extra clothing, and no one (somehow) ever got hurt.

    We made stick swords, and shields, and armor for god sake, and had at each other for hours. Hell you had more risk with the running around, tripping and hitting your head on a rock.

    This is protection, for hands, its a good thing!

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