HOWTO: Bedside lamp in a hollow book

Here's a great HOWTO for building a bedside lamp in a hollow book. The book's cover is the switch, and the book's designer says he wanted to prove that literature is illuminating.

How To: Not Your Ordinary Book Light. (via Red Ferret)


  1. Anyone else flash on Dan Hedaya in “The Addams Family”, reading “The Sun Also Rises”?

  2. It’s a cute idea, but the hyperbole “literature is illuminating” is a bit much. I would like to add, the literature is removed from the book before it can be turned into a light.

    It’s like saying, escargot proves that snails are beautiful creatures.

    It’s a nice project, can’t it just be a nice project, and not attempt allegorical aspirations beyond its own merits of craftsmanship and creativity.

    1. I actually went to the site and read the how to. There’s definitely a tongue planted firmly in cheek there.

      A neat project, though it looks harder to turn on and off than a regular lamp, taking two hands and all.

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