Alex Jones: "The DMT elves want the elites to kill us all."

Do yourself a favor today, and watch this truly exceptional Alex Jones rant. Clockwork elves, hyperdimensional eyes, and the government elite conspiracy to dose and rule us all.


  1. Wait this guy is real? Its not a joke… I had to check it up to be sure… Does he have any power at all in the US? I mean… the mans insane.

  2. zepfan says:
    Here you go. Here is a documentary that proves what Alex was discussing was not baseless. Misunderstood, exaggerated and feared perhaps. But not wildly bat s#$% crazy. It is only a few small steps from what is revealed in this film to imagines combines of powerful people dosing away:

  3. He is one of the leading “thinkers” behind the 9-11 Truth movement. Many seemingly sane people who believe that 9-11 was an inside job will point to this guy’s work as a credible source of information. Of course, he is a complete idiot, and always has been.

    1. Hes not an idiot, hes insane… I mean wtf? Honest its like listening to some medieval munk rambling without ever stopping to prove anything

    2. “He is one of the leading “thinkers” behind the 9-11 Truth movement.”

      I’d disagree. I’ve done a fair amount of reading in this area, and you certainly don’t need to consider AJ credible in order to have doubts. He is popular among some “truthers,” I guess, but those of us with some reasons for our questions don’t need him.

    3. Nah.. everyone knows alex jones just takes the wildest fringe theories from conspiracy sites and and runs with them.
      He is a theorist for monies.
      I read Abovetopsecret a lot and most of the people there know he’s full of it.. and trust me there are some wild thinkers.

      He doesn’t represent the 9/11 truth movement at all. The truth movement is very real and reasonable it’s just these nuts are all that get thrown in the spotlight by the MSM to make the whole concept seem ridiculous.

      Most truthers don’t believe it was an inside job just that a lot of people knew something was going down and didn’t take measures to stop it. This is very likely as there is evidence. The news just puts on the hologram plane guys on t.v. to discredit conspiracy theorists and the whole movement.

      Believe you me.. there are people in our government that deserve to be behind bars after 9/11.

  4. OK, so the gist here, is, let’s see.. the government is on hallucinogens which is somehow connected to their power. And also the government wants you to be on hallucinogens. Because this will “open something up”. But he doesn’t believe in these otherworldly elves, this is a belief he attributes to those in power.

    I love that he puts “clockwork elves” out there as a term his listeners will already be familiar with.

    Also, I’ll leave this here. Apparently part of a game setting for Pathfinder? (Yay Pathfinder!) Clockwork elves do sound kind of awesome.

    1. Not surprising…I can’t tell the difference between any of these guys: they look the same, they sound the same, and clearly whatever toxic household cleaner it is they’re huffing, it definitely makes them think the same.

    2. This is all an act just like Glen Beck’s routine is all an act. Jones has been very vocal that Beck ripped off his schtick.

  5. Apparently the idea of “machine elves” does actually exist in DMT circles, and Jones has had some guy on who talks about DMT. There is probably no corner of conspiracy culture he’s not familiar with.

    Jones totally leaves it open that it could be a real thing.

  6. Well he’s.. temperamental. But I wouldn’t reject his position out of hand. There is a grain of truth in every mountain of dross.
    Enjoy the ideas and occasional tidbits of real info, take a larger view and come to your own conclusions. For example, the global society might not be actually controlled by space reptilians but it sure as hell is being controlled by the reptilian brain sections of the movers and the shakers. “They” might not be out to “kill us all” but there is a definite move to reduce the world population.
    If you reacted with revulsion to the phrase to “reducing the world population” it means you are still not taking the step back. Translated it means reducing the insane birth rates and creating a sustainable eco-system for the planet. See? One man’s “reptilian aliens” is another man’s “corruption and selfishness at the highest levels of power”. Sadly the subtle art of allegory has largely been lost in todays banal, media-saturated world.

    1. Erm, yeah, no-one who actually talks about Icke’s shape-changing interdimensional reptilians from a distant constellation ever uses it as an allegory. Everyone who tells you about space aliens actually believes it, and if you didn’t believe it, you wouldn’t use it as an allegory because it’s a ridiculous one.

      1. It’s incredibly naive to believe earth is the only planet in the universe where life exists.
        Alex Jones is notorious for his ‘ranting’ but having seen truth in some of his documentaries I am compelled to look past his idiosyncratic facade and understand that until his ‘ridiculous’ theories are disproven, they’re a possibility!

      2. Well that’s my way of looking at things. “Earth is being covertly ruled by DMT elves/space reptilians” basically comes into the same category as “NATO is attacking Libya in order to bring democracy to the opressed masses yearning to be free.”
        No one is telling the truth these days, at least not publicly. But you can have glean it if you make the effort to look at the lies (and the liers) from a bit higher, detached perspective.

    2. No, he’s not nuts. If he were nuts he wouldn’t be able to hold down a regular job. He’s pretending to be nuts because he gets paid to. The question is, whose interests are served by filling the public’s ears with this crap?

  7. This is the guy from 1999 that stated the Y2K scare thing… however, he DID sneak into that weird secret culty compound politicians go to(Bohemian Grove). So he’s equal parts stark raving lunatic(seen at the link provided above) and brave freedom fighter.

    Hahaha… Oh, Alex. We have fun, don’t we?

  8. The Bible specifically says don’t take DMT and also has several mentions of the dangers of getting flat fingertips from typing too long on an iPad.

    The Bible is incredible.

  9. The Earth is very probably not the only planet in the universe where life exists. It is probably one of the few planets where conscious life exists. This has no bearing on the probability of interdimensional shape-shifting reptiles controlling Earth society, which is zero. The same probability as the WTC being brought down by explosives.

    “Earth is being covertly ruled by… space reptilians” = something some people have said, which is not only false but impossible

    “NATO is attacking Libya in order to bring democracy to the opressed masses yearning to be free.” = something no-one has said, which is false but not impossible

    They are attacking Libya to give strategic military support to the rebels. No-one can be sure of the outcome. In any case, space reptiles have nothing to do with it.

    1. “It is probably one of the few planets where conscious life exists.”

      I dunno… maybe all life is conscious, in some way we can’t perceive. I mean, is there really such a thing as “unconscious” life? Seems like a contradiction.

      The grass, the trees, the cells… isn’t everything conscious? Or do we define consciousness narrowly as “commenting on the boingboing message board?”

    2. Actually, “Earth is being covertly ruled by space reptilians” is marginally more probable than “NATO is attacking Libya in order to bring democracy to the opressed masses yearning to be free.” given our current knowledge of physics and social human nature.
      Yes, space reptilians sound much more probable to me than “NATO is doing the Gandhi”. (0.1% vs 0.0000000001%, or something like that.)
      The point is that it is all a fake and yet it does contain grains of truth. If you’re asking for someone to supply you with “certainities” and get ready to be manipulated, maybe not into a gas chamber but into a Brave New World at least. that’s all what I’m sayin.

        1. Oh come on… The only way this action in Libya is presented in mainstream media is that it this whole action is done out of altruistic motives. “We have to get the bad evil man out because he is eating the babies.” That’s Gandhi, baby. We’re doing this out of love of goodness and no other motive at all. (And I could tell you things about real Gandhi that would put quite a bit of a strain between “Gandhi” the stereotype (or archetype) and Gandhi, the man, a “glorious freedom fighter for the oppressed” who got recieved by the Queen of England wearing only his loincloth. If the English wanted him out, he’d be dead by 1934 and no one would remember his name in 2 years time. “Freedom fighter” lol) Imagine Osama bin Laden being recieved by George Bush in the white house while insisting all the women should wear burkhas. That’s almost, but not quite, as much as Gandhi being recieved by QofE wearing a loincloth, lol. But I digress.

          Considering how the post-WWII international law is set up there is basically no other way to legally justify an unilateral military action. So it’s a case of “we all know it’s apples but heck the cops allow only the oranges. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.” It is irellevant if we “all know” what the real motives are, just as long as we keep a flowery pretense. I lived in a communist state and I know how this “consensual cognitive dissonance” can be damaging to a society in the long run.

    3. Mujo- on what basis can you state Zero Probabliity for anything? Logical terms,the chances of you or any other human at this time having enough data to know what is and isn’t possible seem extremely low. Conclusions based on incomplete data can only be provisional.Surely you’re not claiming to have total data on all life in the cosmos.

    4. There’s a typo confusing things here,actually the NWO is controlled by Clockwork Elvis

  10. Accusing a group of people of being addicted to a strange, rarely-heard-of-in-the-mainstream drug is a novel form of political attack (google “Thompson Muskie Ibogaine”).

    Wait til it become known that people have been taking DMT for thousands of years, utilizing a grueling ceremony involving dry-heaving for 10 hours.

    I really do love the culture surrounding hallucinogenic use: what’s more trippy than the users themselves rambling on about doors of perception and machine elves is to hear their opponents (who have never even taken the drug!) go on and on about the Hadron Collider’s role in breaking open holes between worlds. It’s like a cultural contact high!

  11. I don’t have many illusions about Gandhi or NATO I hope. How we got onto this from talking about machine elves is a pretty good example of how stupid internet arguments can get.

    1. Well yeah, that’s glory of the Internets! Roll the ideas around and hopefully break open some barriers :) And that’s why I luv guys like Alex Jones. He’s a clown, a court jester. Just like David Icke. But it pays well to listen to the jester because he might hint at some things no one else at the court dares to metnion. He may use similes and hide behind burlesque but there is that glint in his eye when he BSs you….

  12. Love Alex Jones. The entertainment value of this guy is off the chain. The scenario he outlines in this clip is like the best comic Grant Morrison never wrote. It should be said: Machine elves are legitimately a common experience on dmt. Any connection with Bilderberg, Ray Kurtzweil, and the Hadron Collider are purely speculative at this point. Love the way he leaves it so open that the clockwork elves might actually be interdimensional aliens for real.

  13. Ah — you had me thinking that he’s suddenly believing in aliens. He’s merely talking about other people’s alleged drug-induced belief in aliens/elves/etc. For Jones — judging from what I’ve heard before — evil seems to be an all-too human thing. (Not that I’m saying he doesn’t have fits of craziness.)

  14. The ‘machine elves’ and other DMT entities are actually a well documented phenomenon that has been reproduced by at least three different scientists in the lab.[1][2][3] (Whether they are ‘real’ largely depends on what your definition of real is.) You can read the brief overview on Wikipedia here:

    Do the world’s leaders worship and take orders from machine elves? No. Do many of them believe in an afterlife because of either their experiences with psychedelic drugs, or else their experiences with religions that were created as a way of scaffolding the psychedelic experience? Yes. Do many of our leaders make wildly irresponsible decisions based on their theological beliefs? Yes.

    While Alex Jones is 100% wrong in the details, the overall sentiment isn’t entirely incorrect.




  15. Machine elves (also known as fractal elves, self-transforming elf machines) is a term coined by the late ethnobotanist, writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the apparent entities that are often reported by individuals using tryptamine-based psychedelic drugs, especially DMT. References to such encounters can be found in many cultures ranging from shamanic traditions of Native Americans to indigenous Australians and African tribes, as well as among Western users of these substances.

    In McKenna’s words:

    There’s a whole bunch of entities waiting on the other side, saying “How wonderful that you’re here! You come so rarely! We’re so delighted to see you!”

    They’re like jewelled self-dribbling basketballs and there are many of them and they come pounding toward you and they will stop in front of you and vibrate, but then they do a very disconcerting thing, which is they jump into your body and then they jump back out again and the whole thing is going on in a high-speed mode where you’re being presented with thousands of details per second and you can’t get a hold on [them …] and these things are saying “Don’t give in to astonishment”, which is exactly what you want to do. You want to go nuts with how crazy this is, and they say “Don’t do that. Pay attention to what we’re doing”.

    Machine elf @ Wikipedia

  16. Yeah, the blurb on this site is a bit misleading.. however, i HAD forgot how much I missed Alex Jones’ rants. I might have to start listening to him regularly again.

  17. The way in which he’s struggling with the ineffability of it has me thinking not DMT, but WTF?

  18. I really have no opinion on Alex Jones, but if I were as loudly anti-government as he is, I might act bat-shit crazy from time to time just to cover my own ass.

  19. Let’s all focus on Alex Jones and make sure that anybody who is at all uncomfortable with the amount of collusion and secrecy among governmental and economic elites has to spend all their time defending their sanity.

  20. He must be talking to different elves on his DMT trips. The ones that have always greeted me have always been polite and jovial, if a little mischievous.

  21. yeah well, it’s not like the CIA to spike punch bowls or anything…
    I knew Joe Rogan was a bad influence on Alex!

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. I think that Joey Diaz (classic) rant on his show got his interest piqued.

  22. Wait…

    So, if I’m getting this right, Elitist A and Scientist B take DM independently, possibly years and miles apart, from each other YET each of their trips involve meeting “Clockwork Elves” who share similar and specific information including WORKING schematics to such things as the Hadron Collider..?

    And this has happened repeatedly..? It’s practically a common occurrence with hundreds or thousands of “elitists” and “scientists”..? And the info from the Clockwork Elves is a valid, implementable resource..?

    And this Alex Jones is against this..? What an effing loon.

    I’m gonna take some DMT right now and see if I can score the specs for an Oscillation Overthruster

  23. Glenn Beck is just Alex Jones lite. The same demographic that listens to Alex listens to Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity etc. The same commercials that run on Jones’ radio show also run on the Fox Radio affiliates that carry Beck, Limbaugh etc. Then there is Coast to Coast, which is off the rail insane.

    What Alex is responding to here is a push from those people who believe the general Coast to Coast conspiracies. That the gov is conspiring with aliens and so on.

    Alex Jones is a delusional paranoid but he isn’t stupid. SOME of what he says is true but it can be pretty hard to find buried under all that bullshit. “The Globalists” is just a catch all for anyone who is wealthy and powerful. And it’s true that the aristocracy has long dabbled in satanism, sexual bondage, drugs and other kooky ways to spend your money. The movie “Eyes Wide Shut” was probably fairly accurate in some respects.

    I think it’s likely that someone could even be feeding Alex some fodder for his paranoid fantasies. It could be in the interest of some because the more bullshit you can get him to push the less attention is paid to real issues. Issues like the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in history.

    Remember, this is the GOP political base. This is what they believe and the GOP leadership now feels that they must appease them. God help us all.

  24. You pick a username in good faith, and then somebody like Alex Jones comes along and spoils everything…good one Bozo!

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