Charge dropped against woman who taped cops from own yard

Emily Good, the Rochester woman who was arrested for filming a traffic stop from the vantage point of her own front yard, won't have to go to court. The District Attorney's office said the charge of impeding the officer should be dismissed for lack of evidence. Gary Craig writes:
[Assistant DA] Stare noted that, under the law, Good would have needed to use intimidation, force or "interference" to disrupt the police traffic stop. Good was 10 to 15 feet from the police and doing nothing to interfere with them, Stare argued in court papers. ... The dismissal of the criminal charge, however, may not bring an immediate end to the controversy. Police say they have started an internal investigation into whether Good's arrest by Officer Mario Masic was justified.
Good is considering a civil lawsuit. Good. Charge against Emily Good in videotaping case dismissed [Democrat and Chronicle via @GlennF and hal14450] Previously: Rochester police use selective enforcement of parking laws to harass attendees at a meeting in support of Emily Good