HOWTO: Shave a snazzy hedge-maze into your deep-pile carpet

Here's a snazzy MAKE: special project:
I saw an expensive designer "labyrinth" carpet like this in a catalog years ago, and wondered at the time if I could recreate the effect on the cheap by taking electric hair clippers to a piece of ordinary deep pile carpet. Long story short: It works!
Hedge Maze Area Rug (via Craft)


  1. another idea: QR code

    also: variable width clippers, and automate it with a modified Roomba or something. The Maker possibilities here…

  2. Kids, your Mom would probably really love this as a surprise when she gets home. So be sure and start on this project with plenty of time for shaving and cleanup before she returns.

  3. This is a great idea. Unfortunately the edges of shag carpet tend to look pretty ratty and easily fray and shed, something that’s normally hidden by baseboard. The process really needs one last step that will affix the perimeter of the rug so that it doesn’t fall apart over time.

  4. Just mowed a fresh maze in the yard. Great for contemplative walks and letting the neighbours know the house isn’t abandoned…

    Cheapest biodiversity lesson yet; just corral off a section of the yard and make a small maze. Take note of what insects and plants thrive in such conditions..
    Should be legal, as most plants don’t need building permits.

  5. i have that same pattern shaved into my chest hair. too bad I didn’t trademark or patent it

  6. Hah! Great idea. Though I’m sure it isn’t going to wear as good as it would have in its original state.

  7. I worked as a set dresser on a tv show and we used hair clippers to distress and age a carpet for a scene that took place in abandoned house.

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