LulzSec disbands, Anonymous dumps, what's next in #Antisec? Xeni on The Madeleine Brand radio show


I joined the Madeleine Brand show this morning for a radio discussion around news that LulzSec has disbanded, and/or re-absorbed by the primordial ooze of Anonymous from whence they came. Listen here. Background in this Boing Boing post from earlier today.


    1. She is a reporter, she covered the case since beginning with objectivity. That is what (good) journalists do. If a quantum physicist were to make an incredible discovery, should the reporter double-check every calculation ? No. Of course, a bit of knowledge and doublecheck is necessary, but I am fairly convinced that Xeni knows quite a lot of people well versed in the arts of exploitation and that she checked her facts and hypothesis with them.

      As to the analysis of consequences of cybercrime, no hacking skill is needed for that, it falls in the domain of social sciences.

  1. Reminds me of a recent Pete Holmes bit about criticizing movies, etc. “Hey!! Hey!! You try make a movie.” “Hey!! Hey!! You make a cake!! What do you know about cakes!?!?”

    She runs a blog that covers all things internet/nerdy. She has an interest in it. She’s allowed to talk about it. I’m sorry they didn’t call you.

  2. @hadlock

    Brilliant. Just the question that needs to be asked in this era of namby-pamby journalism. The masses can’t be bothered to check the credentials so we must work behind the scenes to quiet the whimpering simpletons.

  3. So, uh, what’s the juicy shit in the AT&T document? Please say that the new data network WON’T SUCK BALLS. Please? Especially in NYC?

  4. What a bunch of dopes. Wrecking stuff to get their names in the paper, and more often than not, going after the softest of targets. Then logging their IRC conversations and having their server get blown along with one of their number. Using botnets. Whats this brute force rubbish?

    Kids these days.

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