Massive FBI trove on Yippies released under FOIA


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  1. Teller says:

    So typical of the Yippies – pie to cops; NOT DONUTS.

  2. Dante says:

    “Rock Band”. I’ve heard of them. Didn’t they do “Hit Single”?

  3. johnnyuber says:


  4. jphilby says:

    Yippie Apple Pie. A flavor to be added to the menu of the upcoming Yippie Nostalgia Coffeeshop opening near you!

    (Be sure to try the Ruben sandwiches too!)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can almost hear the angry and confused old man voice behind this note.

    “These kids and their so called “rock” and or “roll” bands! Damn hippies need hair cuts! And then they will fly kites? Sounds like commie-pinko crap if you tell me. That pie thing, what is that all about? Probably bombs. Got to get military intelligence [SERIOUSLY?] in on this. Now I need another martini. Lousy thankless wife and kids…”

    Kudos to the snitch who spent his life lying to people’s faces so he could get some cash for his drugs or whatever. I can picture him sneaking into the FBI offices via the back way to collect his cash, his tail wagging wildly. “Did I do good, did I?”

    • Anonymous says:

      J Edgar Hoover used to fire FBI agents for not looking sufficiently intelligent, having a head he felt was too large or being less than immacuately presented.

      Can you imagine what he’d do to an agent who knew the name of a ‘Rock And/Or Roll’ combo, such as those that might be ‘popular’ with the ‘young people’ and other assorted communists?

  6. mr_josh says:

    [In CHiPS dispatcher voice] All units be advised: apple pies are incoming. Repeat, apple pies are incoming. A LA MODE STATUS UNCONFIRMED.

  7. wil9000 says:

    They used Apple Pies! The Fiends!

    Then they went and listened to Rock Band! Remember Rock Band, and their hit song “Hit Song”?

    (by the way, at their first concert, at a communist rally, They Might Be Giants did not have a name yet, and were announced as “El Grupo De Los Rock and Roll”)

  8. kmoser says:

    I am tempted to start a radical fringe group and leak rumors of all sorts of absurd planned activities and motives, with the goal of seeing the most ridiculous thing I can get the authorities to believe.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Check out the archives website. Just a quick perusal caused a report on “Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade” from 1947 to pop up. The cold war was off to a fast start and the pathological obsession with finding commies everywhere was in full swing. Of course absolutely none of these vets ever did any of the things this reports labors over. Plus the report glosses over the threat fascism posed and still did under Franco. The truly sickening thing is that at the end of the report they list the members and a good number were listed as dead (from combat) from WWII. That is how their sacrifices were rewarded, with empty accusations of treason.

  10. Nicky G says:

    I’m so glad military intelligence was advised of this pie-presenting activity. Kind of explains why we lost the Vietnam War, eh?

  11. g0d5m15t4k3 says:

    MMM pie.

  12. ARON PIEMAN KAY says:

    there is a lot more that the fbi has not released!!!
    i want to see how the fbi surveilled me and others due to my pieing of fascist politicians

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