"Smurfs" world record attempt in Mexico


A little girl dressed as "Smurfette" attends a promotional event in Mexico City June 25, 2011. Promoters for the film "The Smurfs" gathered volunteers dressed as "Smurfs" to take part in a Global Guinness World Record attempt for the most people dressed as "Smurfs" ever. (REUTERS/Carlos Jasso)




  1. I’d like to this they’re all dressed as Tobias FĂƒÂŒnke and have nothing to do with that horrible film.

    1. Yes, I was all ready to go down to Mexico today, but instead I stayed home and blued myself!

  2. Ironically, the Guinness Book or World Records has the record for the most inconsequential book ever.

  3. “I’ve just about smurfing had it with all this smurfing smurfs on this smurfing World Record.”

  4. I don’t think some of these participants (like the girl in the blue sweatshirt on the right side of the second picture) should count.

    Otherwise, a Best Buy employee conference would smash this record.

  5. Now if there was only some incentive that would attract this many violent drug-gang members to a police sting…

  6. That little girl in the first photo looks blue in more ways than one. That’s the face of a child who has been conscripted.

    1. More than that, isn’t it, like, really hot in Mexico this time of year? She’s wearing long sleeves and mittens.

  7. Mexico city… the biggest city in north america that nobody ever thinks about…. Also the biggest city in north America….. so this is what goes on there.

  8. ehm. you remember smurfette is the only female variant of the smurfs? Extended this to a football stadium full of smurfs and 1 little smurfette. Oh good grief, somebody get her out of there.

  9. Forty-seven minutes later, the world record for most cases of dermal toxicity ever was broken.

  10. Some nonsensical tidbits:

    – Smurfs was translated to SPanish (at leas to Mexican Spanish) as “pitufos”, the female one name being “Pitufina” and the name of the old one suitably is “Papa Pitufo”.

    – They are posing in front of the Azteca Stadium, host to two Football World Cup finals (capacity: 120000, all seated).

    – It is quite hot around this time of the year, most likely the gloves and long sleved shirts were used only because their blue colour.

    – I found strange that somebody commented that “Mexico city… the biggest city in north america that nobody ever thinks about” given that 20 million people girate around it on their daily dealings and more than 100 million are affected in a way or another by what is going on there, even if the commenter was thinking about nobody in the US thinking about it, I am sure that at least all people of Mexican Ancestry are also interested about the goings on in the great Tenochtitlan.

  11. Wow, they’re really skimping on the budget based on these production stills from AVATAR 2.

  12. I don’t know what it is… but that top image of the girl Smurfette gives me a feeling of sadness, but beauty and hope at the same time.

  13. So it’s ok we use people to promote our movies for free but if they promote ours for free, we will prosecute them. Beware of even make a piñata of Smurfs. We will get you.

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