DIY wordy birthday cake with fondant font


Anna in NY contributed this photo to the Boing Boing Flickr Pool, and explains, "My niece Deepa helped me make the decorations for Jack's 80th birthday cake from rolled fondant. She said it was just like play-doh! Tastes better though."

FONT FREAKS: can you identify the closest digital typeface? Submit your entries in the comments. Winner gets a piece of cake.*

* This part of the blog post is not true.


    1. Oh my comment got et.

      Refrigerator magnet font is what I came here to say, too. I’m going to reward myself with a Star 80 cupcake now.

  1. Stepdad: 80
    Husband: 80
    Grandpa: 80
    Brother: 80
    Friend: 80
    Dad: 80

    You’d think he’d at least get a 100 in Grandpa.

  2. Dunno about a digital version, but those are clearly made with the Wilton Fondant Alphabet and Number Cookie Cutters (or a variant branding of the set). They’ve got classic cookie cutter warping and charm.

  3. **Warning: the following post contains font nerdification**

    Nelson: close guess, but the numerals don’t match.

    My guess is Hiruko because the numeral 0 has parallel sides (not continuous curves as in VAG rounded). The letter O in “borther” is also a good indicator that it’s not the unimaginative suggestion of Arial or helvetica, both of which have a decidedly oval-shaped “O”.

    The only problem with Hiruko as a match is that the letters are not fixed width as the letters on the cake appear to be.

    1. There is some definite kerning variation on that cake. Not enough consistency to determine if it’s fixed-width or not.

      1. Agreed. On another note: If a fairy had appeared 20 years ago telling me that one day I’d be sitting here, getting paid to discuss the typeface used on a cake I would have laughed with disbelief.

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