DIY wordy birthday cake with fondant font


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  1. teapot says:

    **Warning: the following post contains font nerdification**

    Nelson: close guess, but the numerals don’t match.

    My guess is Hiruko because the numeral 0 has parallel sides (not continuous curves as in VAG rounded). The letter O in “borther” is also a good indicator that it’s not the unimaginative suggestion of Arial or helvetica, both of which have a decidedly oval-shaped “O”.

    The only problem with Hiruko as a match is that the letters are not fixed width as the letters on the cake appear to be.

    • lenore says:

      There is some definite kerning variation on that cake. Not enough consistency to determine if it’s fixed-width or not.

      • teapot says:

        Agreed. On another note: If a fairy had appeared 20 years ago telling me that one day I’d be sitting here, getting paid to discuss the typeface used on a cake I would have laughed with disbelief.

  2. Dawn deMom says:


    The cake was a lie?

  3. KurtMac says:

    I suppose you could find something similar on Blambot’s comic fonts site. I’m leaning towards “Boogers” which seems slightly too heavy in comparison, but close: And certainly not too appetizing on cake.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Arial rounded…

  5. Reubus says:

    Arial Rounded, I’d say…

  6. virtual human says:

    Alphabet Fridge Magnets?

    • what of donuts says:

      Oh my comment got et.

      Refrigerator magnet font is what I came here to say, too. I’m going to reward myself with a Star 80 cupcake now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What does it matter what font you use? The cake is a lie!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alphabits (cereal)

  9. Glenn says:

    So–this looks close to a rounded Helvetica font….

  10. lenore says:

    Dunno about a digital version, but those are clearly made with the Wilton Fondant Alphabet and Number Cookie Cutters (or a variant branding of the set). They’ve got classic cookie cutter warping and charm.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Looks kind of like fat sally to me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Stepdad: 80
    Husband: 80
    Grandpa: 80
    Brother: 80
    Friend: 80
    Dad: 80

    You’d think he’d at least get a 100 in Grandpa.

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