Giant squid found off Florida coast

Fishermen in Florida found a 23-foot-long giant squid floating dead in the Atlantic. Some of you will be impressed by this. Others will complain that, at only 23 feet, this squid wasn't even all that giant. After all, giant squid can be as long as 43 feet. Still more readers will simply sigh and silently wish that people would stop lumping all those different species under the moniker "giant squid." (Via Hannah Waters)


  1. Yet, still, some will say that the frequency of finding large squid is becoming more common. Which is a bit disconcerting, since it wasn’t until quite recently that the first documented “giant squid” was reported to have been caught. Hundreds of years with barely a footnote and suddenly a glut of these once cryptozoological specimen. Climatologically speaking, I believe we may be boned.

  2. Just before everyone posts all the Kraken alerts, and before we stuff and/or grill the specimen, I sigh and ask “Do we know which species?!”

  3. yet others will wonder if there were signs of epic combat with a mysterious piratical submarine.

  4. Atlantic Giant Squid

    Scientific Name: Architeuthis Dux

    Total length: 23-25 feet

    Total weight 200 pounds

    Eats: Fish and other squid species

    Giant squid exhibit reverse sexual dimorphism.

    Sounds dirty.

  5. There’s ammonium chloride in the tissue of some Architeuthis species that makes them inedible to humans. Laura Miller in a New York Times review of Richard Ellis’s “Search for the Giant Squid” says that it would taste “like a mouth full of household cleaner.” But then, this link says colossal squids are edible:

    They ate some to see if it was ammoniated. Why wait for lab results when you can just take a bite? That’s some empiricism for you right there.

    1. Shark and skate can have a strong ammonia taste, too, if they’re not handled properly when caught.

    2. @Maggie: Include me in the small subest of readers who complain that something as awesome as a giant squid deserves a post pic. Perhaps even this CC flickr image proclaiming that “Giant squid has a posse”? (though the claim is impossible to verify)

      @Rich: Thankyou for making me re-imagine my mouth as a portable lab that travels wherever I do.

  6. A baby Giant Squid is still a Giant Squid. A giant squid is a giant squid. “Giant Squid” is a name/noun, a “giant squid” is an adjective/noun. So yes, they may have found a giant squid, but is it a giant Giant Squid?

  7. All they need is one PR guy and they can solve this.

    Giant Squid.
    Huge Squid.
    Enormous Squid.
    Really Enormous Squid.
    Gigantic Squid.
    Colossal Squid.
    Huge Squid.
    I did not already say Huge Squid.
    Well then there are two Huge Squids now, OK, it’s not a big deal.
    Giant Ten-Legged Seabeast.
    The Kraken.
    Giant Kraken.
    Your Mother.

  8. 95% of our oceans are unknown..forget the outer space nonsense and discover our world…..

  9. It’s amazing that this guy felt that he had to bring this squid in because no one would believe that he saw it. What happened to this squid? I hope they ate every last piece of it.

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