Young female journalist "embeds" as cosplay maid to cover anime convention

cosplay32.jpg"I was at Katsucon, a Washington, D.C. convention that caters to fans of Japanese animation. The restaurant I was working at was inspired by the “maid cafes” of Tokyo, where people can have a meal served to them by a cute young girl in a costume. The cafe organizers were worried that having a student journalist trailing the maids would be distracting. But if that journalist was also a maid, they had no problem."

24-year-old Lauren Rae Orsini, guestblogging at Susannah Breslin's Forbes column.


  1. This is a cute story I guess, but at age 24 I can’t tell whether this young female “journalist” enjoyed here cosplay stint or found it mildly disgusting. From the smile in her photo I would guess she found her important journalistic assignment to be simply swell

    1. @MacBookHeir
      Why the scare quotes? She’s a journalist, and her topic is geek culture. That’s perfectly legit.

    2. From the smile in her photo I would guess she found her important journalistic assignment to be simply swell.

      I’m guessing that you don’t do well on those ‘tell the real smile from the fake smile’ tests.

  2. From the story, I got the impression that she found working as a waitress in a French maid outfit distasteful for the same reasons as any service worker has: tired feet, annoying customers. She identifies as a geek herself and it sounds like she enjoyed her conversations with other con-goers, even the furries, so often maligned even by other fans. “Women like Hana, Lily, Yomiko, Little Wolf, and the Lolitas inspire me as a journalist. They’re doing their own thing, and they don’t care what others think.” Doesn’t sound disgusted to me.

  3. So, where is the article she produced from this? The link seems to go to some sort of autobiography and guide to being a journalist written by a 20 year old who spent a day learning that people doing work you wouldn’t like are probably not as crazy as they seem.

  4. Aaaaaah what the fuck. She went to my college, we had a class together. That was genuinely startling.

  5. I am reading this from a maid cafe in Osaka… does BoingBoing have some sort of stamp-card point system I can cash in on?

  6. You working as a waitress in a cosplay bar
    When I met you. I doll-ed you up
    I masked you up
    and turned you around
    Turned you into someone new


  7. Better to be furries than furbies, I guess. Just imagine.

    See how the sex got creepier?

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