Audio: Blagojevich trying to sell Obama's senate seat


7 Responses to “Audio: Blagojevich trying to sell Obama's senate seat”

  1. AirPillo says:

    “… especially if you don’t own it in the first place”

    Wait, no, he isn’t sane enough to realize that part.

  2. hassenpfeffer says:

    Well, he’s gotta pay for his hairpieces *somehow*.

  3. thatbob says:

    “I can parachute *ME* there!”

  4. thatbob says:

    I was sad when the press did not take to calling it The Golden Parachute scandal, or even The Golden Thing scandal (“I’ve got this thing and it’s f—ing golden!”), but historians take note: now is your chance.

  5. Giuseppe says:

    Good thing he’s most likely going to be in prison a long time for that.

  6. EH says:

    His only mistake was being honest about what all politicians do, so obviously he must be punished.

  7. dole says:

    Here’s some other fun Blago soundbites (plenty of cursing):

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