Outfest 2011: Preview of "Boingier" fare at the world's greatest LGBT film festival


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear OUTFEST,
    We can’t wait to participate in your wondister FULL Festival and celebration of EVOLUTION !
    Nevertheless, we’d like to ask for a small “correction”…we changed our public name to Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE after my beloved Other Half Lady Jaye passed away at 39 years old in 2007.

    We added her name to try and ensure that as a Biological female s/he was not quietly forgotten
    and left to fade away implying, as our patriarchal oriented culture usually does, that s/he ONLY became known as an artist because s/he was bonded with my SELF a biologically male ( it was forced on me honest!) who was already media visible. Lady Jaye was already a marvellously notorious and omnisexual Being when we met. S/he was a co-founder of The House of Domination at Jackie 60, likewise a member of Blacklips Theatre Cult with Antony ( of the Johnsons) and many more…

    Please don’t accidentally compound the mistake so many in the media do and sideline her. The movie is about LADY JAYE as well as me and not about my or anyone’s career. We lived in the Bay Area together 1993 to 1996. We got married together in Santa Rosa on Friday 13th June 1995.
    Lady Jaye went in guy drag, leather biker, mopustache and bare chested under a leather vest; me in white lace dress and small heels.

    We consider the Bay Area as the WOMB OF PANDROGENY…where our determination to follow our path took root. We LOVE YOU ALL for making us feel it was possible to blur all the edges and definitions once and for ALL !!!

    Please take out the film being about me…it’s really a love,LOVE letter to Jaye and all the casualties of the pain of bigotry and bias too many of us experience. PLEASE don’t think we are annoyed. We are not. We just know how important getting getting the language can be sometimes.

    And please, from now on, say Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE…or just BREYER P-ORRIDGE.

    IN LOVE and in a fabulous FUTURE,

    LADY JAYE and Genesis = the Pandrogyne


    PS. Anybody know where the name “LADY JAYE” came from?

  2. Andrea James says:

    Please forgive the oversight! I have updated the entry to reflect your note above. We can’t wait to have you in Los Angeles!

    • Anonymous says:

      YIPPEE! We can’t wait to get there…! Hazel Hill McCarthy 3rd, from “SHOWCAVE” in LA is here visiting to curate her “Licker Licence” video evening in New York. Seems like a wonder full cultural queer exchange is growing! BIG HUGE LOVE to all at OUTFEST. VIVA LA EVOLUTION ! Gen and Lady Jaye

      “Lady Jaye” was a rarely seen warrior female sidekick to G.I. JOE..and ALSO a gadget to enable a vagina to piss elegantly whilst driving on a freeway into a container without having to stop. It fits over the Venus mound and a sterile tube takes the urine to the container…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the HIT SO HARD shout out! Thought you and your readers might want to know who will be playing in Patty’s all-star band after the movie:

    Eric Erlandson of HOLE, Sia, Linda Perry, Roddy Bottum of FAITH NO MORE/IMPERIAL TEEN, Jorjee Douglass of STONE FOX/CITIZENS BAND, Clint Walsh of GNARLS BARKLEY and Patty’s awesome brother Larry Schemel of MIDNIGHT MOVIES/SYBIL/GREEN EYES.

    There’s an After party at Hard Rock Cafe and all are welcome.

    PS one small thing to fix in your article if you so desire: the pix of HIT SO HARD and GUN HILL ROAD are inverted. Trivia about the pic of Patty, Kurt and Frances: it was taken by Courtney Love!

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